Understanding Fractured Reservoirs


Petroleum geologists, explorationists, petrophysicists, geophysicists and engineers involved with exploration, appraisal and development of fractured reservoirs.


- Introduction to fracturing: Basic principles, fracturing in tight reservoirs
- Fracture terminology
- Fracture mechanics: Stress and strain, deformation mechanisms, brittle deformation, propagation and arrest of fractures
- Fracture classification: Joints, shear fractures, compression fractures, stylolites
- Controls on fracture formation: Lithology, sedimentary structures, bed thickness, mechanical stratigraphy, bedding planes, tectonic setting, palaeostress, subsidence and uplift history, proximity to faults, position in a fold, timing of structural events, mineralisation, fracture evolution, orientations of in situ stresses, fluid pressure, depth
- Fracturing in different lithologies
- Fracture identification: Seismic, wireline logs, core, outcrop, satellite imagery
- Data collection and analysis: Fracture orientations, scaling relationships, fracture spacing, temporal relationships, frequency and density calculation
- Fracture analogues: Kurdistan, Bristol Channel
- Fracture modeling: Modelling approaches, modelling platforms, discrete fracture network modelling and modelling considerations
- Basic fractured reservoir engineering: Basic principles, well testing and productivity, fluid flow, reservoir stimulation, recovery mechanisms

Learning Objectives

The course will cover fracture terminology, fracture mechanics, fracture classification, controls on fracture formation, fracturing in different lithologies, fracture identification, data collection and analysis, fracture analogues, fracture modelling and a basic introduction to fractured reservoir engineering. Datasets will be focused on those tectonic regimes which the world's oil reserves are concentrated.



Number of Participants

Max 20



Software Used


Course Format

Classroom exercises and presentations

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