National Data Repositories


Practicing Data Managers, especially at senior level. Geoscientists and Engineers from allrelated disciplines. Technical managers such as IT specialists. Librarians and Administratorsthat deal with the nation's E&P data.


The course consists of a series of modules that begin by examining all the relevant aspectsof E&P data collection as well as the correct handling and storage requirements for suchdata. Covering all topics from the legal to the technical, the course provides a "how-to" guide for initiating, designing and specifying an NDR. The course includes lectures, casestudies and group exercises and encourages trainees to apply the principles to their owncountry's circumstances.

Learning Objectives

- The definition and purpose of a data repository
- The requirements for staff resources
- The typical legal frameworks used for NDR’s
- Strategy for successful operational procedures
- Audits and reviews



Number of Participants

6 - 12


Academic qualifications related to theabove roles

Software Used


Course Format

Classroom delivery with presentations,practical exercises and activities

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