Trango Enterprise - End User Induction Training


Trango Users, such as: Data Managers. Geoscientists and Engineers from related disciplines.Technical managers such as IT specialists. Librarians and Administrators that deal with anorganization’s E&P data.


The induction training familiarizes new End Users with the management of a variety of datatypes, from legacy data to modern media, including formats, accepted standards and datasources. The helpdesk is available at all times to offer additional support.

Learning Objectives

- Search for data via ESRI ArcGIS ® interface
- Register data
- Customize data entry screen to suit low or high volume data loading
- Browse for data via dictionaries
- Apply values to data attributes
- Perform data quality checks
- Order data required for use in projects



Number of Participants



Academic qualifications related to theabove roles

Software Used


Course Format

Training provided in person, or viaonline tuition

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