HR-300 ProMC Multi-Component Data Analysis Workshop


Geophysicists, geologists, engineers and technical staff who want to understand the theory and learn how to apply these increasingly critical techniques.


This course covers the theory and practical use of ProMC, an interactive program that are fully linked withinHampsonRussell software and performs multi-component(MC) seismic analysis and inversion. Topics covered include:

• Theory: What is MC data? Its acquisition, processing and uses
• Modeling: PP and PS synthetic generation; correlating PS synthetic and seismic data
• MC Seismic Analysis: Event and horizon matching; domain conversion (PP- or PS-time, or depth); generation of Vp/Vs volumes
• Interpretation Techniques: Mapping Vp/Vs ratios for lithology identification, comparing PP and PS reflectivity

Learning Objectives

• Detailed, largely non-mathematical overview of current multi-component techniques.
• Highlights the benefits of MC data, such as imaging through gas clouds, lithology and fluid discrimination
• Interpretation techniques provide Vp/Vs ratio and difference between P and S wave reflectivity that can be directly related to lithology and fluids
• Combination of both lectures and practical exercises, using the PROMC software. Exercises comprise 60% of the course content



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