JW-110 Introduction to Constrained Sparse Spike Inversion


This training course is intended for people who want to start working with Jason software, or for those who want to learn more about Inversion.


You will learn the workflow and QC procedures to perform an inversion using RockTrace. Through a combination of lectures and exercises on a 3D Gulf of Mexico data set, students will learn the following skills:

- How to load and QC data.
- How to perform a feasibility analysis to verify that the data is suitable for this technology.
- How to tie wells, build low-frequency models, and estimate multi-well wavelets.
- How to select and test parameters and generate elastic property volumes with RockTrace.
- How to QC, analyse, and interpret the elastic property volumes.

Learning Objectives

Acquire the ability to perform Simultaneous Inversion projects with basic settings and QC analysis. Through practice and experience, students will be able to understand the inversion workflow. Thereby the students learn to take full advantage of RockTrace functionalities and capabilities.



Number of Participants



Software Used

Jason Workbench, Inversion with RockTrace, Quantitative analysis with BodyChecking and Facies and Fluids Probability (FFP)

Course Format


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