Seismic Reservoir Characterization


This course is suitable for geologists, geophysicists, stratigraphers and sedimentologists who are looking to develop skills in petroleum systems interpretation and distribution mapping.


This course emphasises the underlying geological and geophysical principles of seismic reservoir characterisation, continuity and integrity, distribution and mapping. This course is specifically for high resolution definitions using information contained within seismic volumes. Concepts and applications of attribute modelling and inversion modelling that define features such as lithological variations, micro-structure, fluid, secondary porosity and permeability and distribution will be presented.

- Introduction to seismic reservoir characterisation
- Rock physic modelling
- Well to seismic tie and forward modelling
- Attributes for structural analysis
- Principle and use of AVO
- Acoustic and elastic inversion for rock properties prediction
- Impact of seismic quality on prospect attribute modelling
- Introduction to the use of geostatistics in reservoir characterisation
- Volumetrics

Learning Objectives

- Use seismic data, and seismic attributes to enhance reservoir features such as subtle and small faults, lithological variations and lithological signatures, define zones of known reservoir quality and potential fluid pathways.
- Understand how to link the reservoir and elastic properties
- Quantitative interpretation with AVO and seismic inversion
- Multi-attribute analysis for specific and confined prospect characterisation.
- Geostatistics and Interpolation methods and techniques.
- Refined play-fairway mapping techniques using seismic attributes.
- Volumetric definitions and constraints, regenerated calculations and certainty geostatistics.



Number of Participants

Max 20


This course is for personnel who are familiar with seismic interpretation and who wish to extend their knowledge on how they can further utilise seismic data sets to constrain and characterise reservoir units.

Software Used


Course Format

Classroom exercises and presentations

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