Field processing geophysicists with at least two years’ experience.


This course outlines UltraSeis, the fully-integrated, comprehensive package that includes acquisition services, in-field processing, advanced processing and imaging and reservoir characterization.

The emphasis is placed on acquisition and real time QC of the Big data and the gains achieved with the method.

Starting with a land and marine geometry overview, from surface positioning to subsurface coverage. This is followed by a discussion of land and marine survey design parameters and field constraints, survey design optimization through wavefield modeling, including the impacts of the acquisition design on the final product during processing and reservoir analysis.

CGG’s UltraSeis™, the comprehensive fully-integrated, cost-effective package includes:
• Acquisition services
• In-field processing
• Advanced processing and imaging
• Reservoir characterization

The emphasis for this course is placed on acquisition and real time QC of Big Data and the gains achieved with this method. The student will become familiar with the hardware and software architecture used to achieve qualitative Quality Control on this type of crew. At the end of the course the student will be confident in evaluating the data quality and avoiding errors that commonly can occur on large seismic acquisition crews.

Learning Objectives

• Understand the Ultraseis concept
• Understand the acquisition and QC process
• Be aware of the software configuration and how to set it up
• Know how to utilize the software for loading, analyzing and QCing different types of data
• Be able to evaluate the data and avoid errors
• Confident to present data effectively for daily reports, crew meetings and client reports


5 days

Number of Participants



Preliminary fundamental courses 'Field Processing and QC'or 'Survey Planning'

Software Used

SynApps, Geoland

Course Format

Workshop, exercises, presentations

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