Field processing geophysicists with at least 1 year experience.


This course presents the new vibroseis source and how it addresses broadband.

A complete review of geometry definitions, acquisition parameters, vibroseis sweep definitions, survey design and the stack-less method is provided. More detail on the broadband applications will be presented and the methods to implement this on varying types of projects.

Various acquisition shooting methods are discussed to enable a more thorough understanding of the latest trends and developments. These includes:

• Wide azimuth geometry designs
• Slip Sweep
• V1, Distance Separated Shooting, and simultaneous shooting methods
• HPVA (Hight Productivity Vibroseis Acquisition)
• EmphaSeis™ & CleanSweep™
• Guidance for stackless surveys

Quality Control measures that effectively control the data in real time is discussed, plus recent developments in the software is presented by subject experts.
The impact of simultaneous shooting on the workflow is discussed, along with the QC and processing implications that this requires.

The participant will explore how to jointly QC data from vibroseis and dynamite acquisition and attenuate source generated noise.

Learning Objectives

• Understand the vibroseis source as a broadband solution
• Know complex geometry definitions and acquisition methods
• Become familiar with the sweep description
• Be aware of new technology and latest developments
• Understand how the vibroseis technology is implemented in a field environment


5 days

Number of Participants



Preliminary fundamental courses 'Field Processing and QC'or 'Survey Planning'

Software Used

MatCalc, Target, ArcGis, Vibro QC tools

Course Format

Workshop, exercises, presentations

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