Pre-stack & Post-stack Seismic Inversion using Strata


Geophysicists, geologists, engineers and technical staff who want to understand the theory and learn how to apply these increasingly critical techniques.


Topics covered:
- Introduction: Convolutional models, wavelets, reflectivity and noise
- Theory: Recursive, sparse-spike, model-based and colored inversion. Pre-stack methods of elastic impedance and Lambda-Mu-Rho
- Analysis: Seismic and wavelet processing, amplitude recover, noise attenuation and imaging
- Practical: Examples of band-limited, spare-spike and model-based inversion
- Includes pre-stack simultaneous inversion

Learning Objectives

- Covers post-stack inversion, with a largely non-mathematical overview of post-stack inversion methods within Strata.
- Understand of all stages of the inversion workflow
- Review all factors that influence the inversion result, from the selection of the most suitable algorithm through to combination of theory and practical exercises using the Strata software.
- Combination of theory and practical exercises using the Strata software. Exercises comprise approximately 50 percent of the course content.


1 day

Number of Participants


A basic understanding of geophysics and ability to define what seismic data is, what is a wavelet, what convolution means etc.

Software Used


Course Format

Instructor-led, workflow-based, virtual classroom

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