JW-203 Anisotropic Inversion in the Jason Workbench


This training course is intended for experienced RockTrace people who want to invert Wide Azimuth (WAZ) seismic data in a quantitative manner, or for those who want to learn more about azimuthal inversion.


CGG has a novel patented method to calculate effective elastic parameters in a variety of anisotropic media. These effective elastic parameters allow you to use isotropic modeling and inversion in an anisotropic environment. You can use existing tools such for well tying, wavelet estimation and pre-stack inversion in a quantitative manner. This course uses a synthetic WAZ data set that contains several HTI (Azimuthal Anisotropy) features. On these data several hands-on exercises are offered to acquaint yourself with the available HTI-related functionality in the Jason® Workbench:
- Loading and viewing WAZ data.
- Calculating the expected anisotropy.
- Calculating and analyzing the effective elastic parameters.
- Creating azimuthally-sectored synthetics.
- Inverting and analyzing azimuthally-sectored seismic data.
- Updating the Azimuthal Low Frequency Model (ALFM).

Learning Objectives

You will acquire the ability to perform Simultaneous Inversion projects on azimuthally-sectored seismic data. Through practice and experience, you will be able to understand the Azimuthal Inversion workflow and interpret its results. In doing so, you will learn to take full advantage of Jason’s HTI-related functionality and capabilities.



Number of Participants


You will gain the most from this course if you are experienced in running Jason’s pre-stack inversion tool (RockTrace®) or completed JW-110 Introduction to Constrained Sparse Spike Inversion or JW-201 Introduction to Simultaneous Inversion.

Software Used

Jason Workbench: SEG-Y loader, FunctionMod, CoCa View, Elastic Volumes Evaluator, Synthetics Toolbox, Inversion with RockTrace®

Course Format

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