Non Seismic Methods


Geologists, geophysicists and engineers who want to understand and use gravity and magnetic data.


This comprehensive course covers many different aspects of practicing gravity and magnetic exploration methods. It starts with fundamentals of the gravity, magnetic and EM applications.
The course covers both equipment and various techniques used during acquisition, and also goes into detail into the standard processing techniques used for each method.

The course includes:
• Formal lectures
• Graphical descriptions of theoretical terms
• A rich collection of case histories.

The course also includes demonstrations of the concepts and techniques by the industry, including standard gravity and magnetic data processing and interpretation software.

Finally, the course concludes with discussion on several modern technologies and applications that are used to merge non seismic and seismic methods.

Learning Objectives

• Understand the fundamental theory of gravity and magnetic potential, field and gradient
• Have an understanding of the instrumentation and field acquisitions in land, marine and airborne magnetic, gravity and gravity gradient surveys
• Understand gravity and magnetic data processing workflow
• Describe gravity and magnetic interpretation techniques
• Be aware of different scenarios for solving different geological problems


2-3 Days

Number of Participants




Software Used


Course Format

Classroom exercises, presentations and case studies

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