Introduction to Surveying Methods


Anyone who wants to have an overview of land positioning methods.


This interactive course is divided into workshops:

• The RTK workshop begins with an overview of Global Navigation satellite Systems (GNSS) and Real Time Kinematics (RTK) method. This is followed by practical applications including:
- Setting up an RTK base stations
- Reviewing layout and survey seismic points
- Relevant QC steps

• The next module explores GNSS static surveys, looking at how to set up the receiver, record data and calculate the new point position.

• Lastly, we review the so-called “conventional surveying” method with respect to surveying in a seismic line using an electronic theodolite, and calculating the points positions.

Learning Objectives

• Understand and practice different land positioning methods
• Describe the conventional surveying method
• Understand the principles of data quality controls


1.5 days

Number of Participants



Have an idea of the components of a seismic crew, and preliminary experience in the seismic industry

Software Used

GPSeismic, GrafNet

Course Format

Demo, exercises, presentations, on-the-job, workshop, groupwork, site visit, field practice

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