Ocean Bottom Seismic


Anyone interested in learning more about seismic acquisition in shallow water or the use of ocean bottom cable or node acquisition surveys.


This course first provides a basic overview of seismic acquisition before going into more depth with Ocean Bottom Cable and Ocean Bottom Nodal systems. This includes the different equipment used for these types of operation and the methods involved in their use.

The course also covers the following topics in detail:
• Survey design and equipment
• Processing overview from and OBS point of view
• Data digitization, sampling and wave propagation
• Receiver and source arrays, ghosts and the bubble effect
• 4 component data
• Positioning and QC of equipment
• Sensors and sources

The course provides a number of practical exercises that provide an excellent understanding of the theory for every step in the processing workflow. This allows students who may not be familiar with data processing to understand the concepts of the seismic workflow.

Learning Objectives

• Understand the equipment requirements for OBS acquisition
• Know the relationship between spatial sampling and geophysical objectives (target depth, resolution)
• Understand the impact of field constraints on acquisition parameters and the effect on processing
• Be aware of other important aspects including illumination and amplitude at target depth
• Understand the new technology and latest developments


3 Days

Number of Participants



Basic knowledge of seismic data acquisition and processing can be useful, but not necessary.

Software Used


Course Format

Workshop, exercises, presentations

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