Map Projections and Datum Transformations


Geologists, Geophysicists, Surveyors, Practicing Data Managers and Technical assistants.


The course consists of a series of modules which feature usage techniques that apply directly to E&P data, both modern and legacy, in the Geodetic and GIS context.

A basic introduction to Geodetic theory covering map projections and Datums is presented at the start of the course. The specifications and impact of the use of different Coordinate Reference Systems (CRS) is discussed and illustrated with hands-on exercises. Practical examples of transformations between different Geodetic Datums and the use of the EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset to find the best available transformation for the area and coordinate systems in question are presented to and exercised by the participants.

Learning Objectives

• Learn the basics of Geodetic theory
• Understand and use the EPSG database
• Learn the context and use of map datums and projections
• Become familiar with the effect of changing map projections
• Convert data using predefined EPSG transformations
• Assemble data with different Coordinate Reference Systems into one dataset with a common CRS for further processing


1 Day

Number of Participants



Academic qualifications in (petroleum) geology or practical E&P mapping and data management experience. Working experience of GIS at the level of the "ArcGIS for Geoscientist" course.

Software Used


Course Format

Training provided in person, or via online tuition

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