HR-270 HampsonRussell LithoSI & Emerge Workshop


Geophysicists, geologists, engineers and technical staff who want to understand the theory and learn how to apply these increasingly critical techniques


LithoSI is a relatively new, interactive package which complements our very successful Emerge software. Together with Emerge, they both allow the transformation of seismic volumes and/or elastic attributes (from Strata and/or AVO) to geological or reservoir properties such as facies, saturation and porosity. Note that in this one-day workshop, we will not cover all of the material in our standard LithoSI and Emerge workshop.

Learning Objectives

Discussion of the LithoSI workflow for facies classification including a basic introduction to Bayesian classification, multivariate Probability Density Functions (PDFs) and their optimization, Kernel Density Estimation (LithoSI).



Number of Participants



Software Used

LithoSI, Emerge

Course Format


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