Advanced Seismic Reservoir Characterization


This course is suitable for geologists, geophysicists, stratigraphers and sedimentologists who are looking to develop skills in petroleum systems interpretation and distribution mapping.


This course emphasizes the underlying geological and geophysical principles of seismic reservoir characterization, continuity and integrity, distribution and mapping.
Various kind of data are now available pre stack, azimuthal, PP/PS or time lapse for example. Seismic inversion initially used to derive acoustic impedance from a single stack seismic data has evolved to be able to handle simultaneously several seismic volumes that can be pre stack, azimuthal, PP/PS or time lapse for example.
This course will go through the categories of seismic data that exist and how they are used to predict reservoir properties.
- Introduction to seismic reservoir characterisation
- Acoustic and elastic inversion for rock properties prediction
- Stochastic inversion for fine scale reservoir characterisation
- Joint PP-PS inversion benefits
- 4D inversion to track fluid movement in the reservoir
- Azimuthal Anisotropy Analysis for fracture characterisation

Learning Objectives

- Use seismic data, and seismic attributes to enhance reservoir features such as subtle and small faults, lithological variations and lithological signatures, define zones of known reservoir quality and potential fluid pathways.
- Use of multicomponent data for reservoir characterisation
- Use of azimuthal seismic to predict fracture density and orientation
- Use of time lapse information to understand fluid movement in the reservoir
- Understand how to link the reservoir and elastic properties



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