PleXus Fundamentals – Administration introduction Training


PleXus Users, such as: Data Managers; Geoscientists and Engineers from related disciplines; Technical managers such as IT specialists; Librarians and Administrators that deal with an organization’s E&P data


PleXus is a new generation software platform from CGG Data Management Services. It is capable of supporting the complexities of every E&P organisation’s data management and data governance. PleXus uses an open data model, designed to use either SQL or Oracle. Bespoke data models are available, based on PPDM standards. PleXus has a powerful tool for setting the permissions and entitlements for all users as part of the Administration function.
The training for administrators follows on from the induction training program and addresses higher level topics. Administrators will become familiar with the processes to set permissions and entitlements for every User working with the organization’s PleXus installation.

Learning Objectives

• select conditions for the data model
• establish data registration process
• maintain corporate data governance policy
• customize data entry screen to suit low or high volume data loading
• maintain database dictionaries
• create drop-down lists in data-entry screens
• create key performance indicators to gauge overall data quality as well as project management



Number of Participants




Software Used

Web browser

Course Format

Classroom or Webex exercises and presentations

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