Physical Asset Management


Practicing Data Managers. Geoscientists and Engineers from all related disciplines. Technical managers such as IT specialists. Librarians and Administrators that deal with an organization’s E&P data.


E&P Data is a corporate asset, knowing what data is available is crucial if the value of the data is going to be exploited.

The course addresses the warehousing of E&P physical data assets and highlights issues such as security and quality procedures. Requirements for supporting technologies including hardware as well as software are introduced. A practical session and activities based on an E&P Warehouse are included. The course is led by data management specialists who are also qualified trainers, and taught by modern training techniques, combining informative discussions and group exercises.

The course consists of 4 modules concerned with the various aspects of physical E&P data management. Firstly, the principles of data storage are examined; secondly, the best practices for storage facility operations are described; and thirdly, the methods by which storage facility operations are translated into efficient business processes are discussed. Lastly, trainees are able to put their new learning into practice during the storage facility tour. An evaluation of learning outcomes finalizes the course.

Learning Objectives

• Understand the basics of effective management of physical E&P data assets
• Recognize the sources and formats of such physical data, including legacy data
• Recognize the lifecycle stages of physical E&P data starting with data receipt The best practices for storage facility operations
• Appreciate key technology solutions for physical E&P data assets
• Realize of the importance of security and quality procedures
• Procedures to create operational workflows and procedures, and business continuity
• Manage data archives effectively, including retention and destruction strategies
• Be aware of legislative data retention requirements



Number of Participants


Academic qualifications related to the above roles

Software Used


Course Format

Classroom delivery with presentations, practical exercises and activities; this will be virtual unless course held within a short distance from one of CGG SDS’s storage facilities

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