HR-370 Rock Physics, AVO & Inversion Workshop


Geoscientists, explorationists, and technical staff wanting to understand the theory behind essential reservoir characterization techniques and how to use this into practical E&P project workflows


Rock Physics

Rock physics is the interdisciplinary glue between geology and geophysics, allowing us to connect the petrophysicist to the reservoir engineer. Here we learn how to do this using new software RockSI & LithoSI in HRS 10.4.*

Rock Physics Theory & Application
o Rock physics laws and bounds
o Effective medium models
o Monte Carlo simulation

RockSI Practical Exercises
o Data loading & RockSI software overview
o Log analysis & rock physics templates
o Rock physics models creation & log prediction
o Uncertainty analysis using Mote Carlo simulation
o LithoSI analysis using simulated PDF’s


Provides a comprehensive look at the theory and application of the AVO (amplitude versus offset) method and instructs the student on how to model and analyze anomalies with the AVO software in HRS-10.4.*

AVO Theory & Application
o AVO theory, Zoeppritz & fluid replacement modelling
o Elastic waves & anisotropy
o AVO analysis on seismic data
o Cross-plotting and the third order term
o AVO inversion & Lambda-Mu-Rho (LMR) theory

AVO Practical Exercises
o AVO compliant processing considerations
o Calculating & using AVO attributes
o AVO & fluid replacement modelling (FRM)
o AVO inversion

Seismic Inversion

Provides a largely non-mathematical overview of current seismic inversion methods and instructs the student on the application of these with STRATA (Deterministic) and GeoSI (Geostatistical) in HRS-10.4.*

Inversion Theory & Application
o The convolutional model
o Model-based inversion methods
o AVO inversion
o Geostatistical (stochastic) inversion

STRATA & GeoSI Practical Exercises
o Wavelet extraction & well ties
o Model building
o Inversion analysis & QC
o Facies prediction

Rock Property Prediction
Provides a comprehensive review of how to use AVO, inversion and other attributes to construct and validate robust rock property volumes and logs using EMERGE in HRS-10.4 .*

Attribute Analysis Theory & Application
o Classifying attributes
o Training attributes
o Cross-validation
o Gaussian analysis with linear and multi-linear schemes
o Non-Gaussian analysis with neural networks
o Latest deep learning schemes

EMERGE Practical Exercises
o Determining the optimal number of attributes to use
o How to improve the resolution of the transform
o Pitfalls in interpreting the predicted rock properties
o Predicting missing logs from other logs

Learning Objectives

Rock physics
How to use models and Monte-Carlo simulation to predict the elastic property PDF(Probability Density Functions) of each lithology

Understand AVO theory and apply it with pre-stack seismic analysis and FRM (fluid replacement modelling) to characterize the AVO response of each lithology

Seismic Inversion
Apply deterministic and stochastic inversion methods to derive elastic properties from pre and post stack seismic

Rock Property Prediction
Use AVO and inversion products (elastic properties) with seismic attributes and innovative schemes including deep learning to predict rock property volumes



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