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Subsurface Imaging

As the recognized leader in subsurface imaging, our training programs cover the complete range of time processing and depth imaging expertise, including imaging concepts, technologies, workflows and our own state-of-the-art subsurface imaging software, geovation.

Our training solutions cover various programs, from specific short courses such as 4D or wide-azimuth processing to long-term induction, custom-designed (with client data) and on-the-job training. Our programs are tailored to fit client specifications and match the geophysical experience of participants.





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Many of our courses are open to the public and are scheduled throughout the year. All course are also available on a proprietary basis, or as part of a customized training program.


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3D Land Processing Details
3D Marine Processing Details
3D Surface Related Multiple Elimination Details


4D Processing Workflow Details


5D Regularization Workflow Details


Advanced Depth Migration Techniques Details


Basic Depth Imaging Workflow Details


Geophysicist Subsurface Imaging Induction Details
Geophysics for Non-Geophysicists Details


Land Wide Azimuth Processing Workflow Details


Modeling and Computation of Static Solutions Details
Multicomponent Processing Details


Pre-Stack Time Migration Workflow Details

Remember! Our training courses can be held at almost any location upon request. We can also customize training for your own company's specific requirements. Contact us for details.