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Geophysical Interpretation

"This has been my first introduction to electrical image logs and has provided me with a general view of what can be done with them."

CGG’s geophysical interpretation training programs focus on integration of geophysical concepts with geology to ensure industry relevance and emphasize practical applications. The courses cover the processes and methodologies of the complete range of geophysical surveys including 2D/3D/4D seismic, potential fields and remotely sensed imagery.

The courses are authored and delivered by trainers with considerable experience working in the geophysical industry. The courses employ extensive use of real examples, and focus on techniques and technology at the forefront of the geophysical industry.





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Many of our courses are open to the public and are scheduled throughout the year. All course are also available on a proprietary basis, or as part of a customized training program.





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Overview of Reservoir Activities Details


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Seismic Reservoir Characterization Details
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Remember! Our training courses can be held at almost any location upon request. We can also customize training for your own company's specific requirements. Contact us for details.