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CGG Stories

Unique perspectives to meet today's challenges and promote a more sustainable future

Geothermal Generates New Opportunities for Geoscientists

#newenergy #geothermal

Dr. Ellie MacInnes, Head of Geothermal Science at CGG, tells us about the exciting prospects ahead in geothermal energy

Breathing New Life into a Mature Basin

#technology #insight

The latest acquisition and imaging technologies highlight new exploration potential in the Gippsland Basin, southeastern Australia

A Bird’s Eye View to Fight Plastic Pollution

#environment #monitoring

European Space Agency-selected consortium explores new methods to monitor, track and combat the marine litter crisis

Moon Walking for Mental Health Charities

#community #mentalhealth

After a year of "Don’t Stand So Close to Me," CGG’s UK teams have done a bit of "Walking on the Moon" to raise money and support mental health awareness

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