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CGG Stories

Unique perspectives to meet today's challenges and promote a more sustainable future

Addressing Climate Change Through Collaboration

#DoingTheRightThing #Addressing Climate Change Through Collaboration

In 2021, after working for over a decade in investment banking, Rabia Shah changed career direction and joined CGG’s Environmental Science team. We spoke to Rabia about her career switch, current role and relevant transferable skills for the environmental sector.

Mobilizing to monitor microplastics on Snowdon

#OnlyOneEarth #DoingTheRightThing

To mark World Environment Day, we spotlight the work of scientists at CGG’s Geoscience Laboratories who are using new analysis techniques to support greater environmental awareness

Tapping into our Diversity of Talents

#CulturalDiversity #Dialogue

Promoting Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (ID&E) is essential to our performance, dynamism and capacity for innovation. To celebrate The World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development on 21 May, employees give their personal tips on how to best embrace the different nationalities and cultures that shape CGG as a company and make it more successful.

Dreaming Big to Make a Difference

#BreakTheBiasWithCGG #GenderEquity

CGG is committed to diversity and taking all the actions needed to reduce biases and create an inclusive and equitable environment. To celebrate International Women’s Day, Jaqueline Krueger and Karine Pereira from CGG’s Rio Subsurface Imaging center discuss how a different perspective can benefit the energy industry.

Subsurface Knowledge Helps Solve Carbon Storage Challenges

#newenergy #carboncapture

Dr. Carolina Coll, Head of Reservoir Development, CCS & Energy Storage, speaks about carbon capture’s role in the energy transition and how geoscience accelerates CO2 storage site development.

Putting the Cool Factor Back into Oil

#HPC #energyefficiency

CGG reaps the benefits of its early adoption of oil immersion technology for its high-performance computing (HPC) data centers

Partnering Across Industries to Protect Infrastructure

#innovation #collaboration

Sercel finds innovative new applications for its specialized monitoring equipment

Geothermal Generates New Opportunities for Geoscientists

#newenergy #geothermal

Dr. Ellie MacInnes, Head of Geothermal Science at CGG, tells us about the exciting prospects ahead in geothermal energy

Breathing New Life into a Mature Basin

#technology #insight

The latest acquisition and imaging technologies highlight new exploration potential in the Gippsland Basin, southeastern Australia

A Bird’s Eye View to Fight Plastic Pollution

#environment #monitoring

European Space Agency-selected consortium explores new methods to monitor, track and combat the marine litter crisis

Moon Walking for Mental Health Charities

#community #mentalhealth

After a year of "Don’t Stand So Close to Me," CGG’s UK teams have done a bit of "Walking on the Moon" to raise money and support mental health awareness

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