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CGG Stories

Unique perspectives to meet today's challenges and promote a more sustainable future

Delivering Service Excellence through Collaboration

#GoingBeyondExpectations #DeliveringOutstandingService

Qingbing Tang is center manager at CGG’s dedicated seismic processing center for Brunei Shell Petroleum. In this interview, he discusses what this close business relationship has taught him about meeting industry needs.
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Meet a New Kind of Expert: The Data Geoscientist

#DataGeoscientist #Diversity

From traditional geology to CGG Data Hub - Operations manager Meghan Davies reflects on her unexpected career journey and the joys of working with a team of scientists at the forefront of digital transformation
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Girls into Geoscience: Promoting Diversity in the Earth Sciences

#GenderDiversity #Geoscience

CGG hydrogeologist Helen Robinson is a volunteer for Girls into Geoscience, an award-winning STEM outreach initiative for 16- to 17-year-old girls. We spoke to her about the importance of encouraging gender diversity in the Earth Sciences, as well as her own journey as a hydrogeologist.
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Subsurface Knowledge Helps Solve Carbon Storage Challenges

#newenergy #carboncapture

Dr. Carolina Coll, Head of Reservoir Development, CCS & Energy Storage for CGG, recently took time to talk to Upstream magazine about carbon capture’s role in the energy transition and how geoscience can accelerate and de-risk the development of CO2 storage sites.
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