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Helping you take your data further for better-informed business decisions.

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Universal Access

Our experience with data pipelines and taxonomy, data management tools and cloud services can help you manage and access the right data, right now – including CGG’s extensive multi-client library.

Inspiring Technology

We develop the digital technologies, including machine learning tools and deep neural networks, to make geoscience workflows smarter and faster, ultimately maximizing the value of your data.

Fresh Insight

Getting full value from geoscience data takes deep understanding; we have harnessed domain expertise and machine learning to provide insight with bespoke workflows, data analysis and visualization.

Digital Solutions

From deep geoscience domain expertise to data management, data science and AI know-how, we can help you navigate digital transformation and tackle tough digital challenges:

Data Management & Access

Data management is the backbone of our digital capabilities. From physical assets to the cloud, we can help you manage, access and utilize data.

Data Transformation

Liberate and integrate your geoscience data effectively with our expert guidance and proprietary technologies.

Machine Learning

Learn how our ML hub is driving innovation and empowering the digital transformation of geoscience.

Cloud Solutions

From data delivery to storage, software and compute services, we are developing cloud solutions for your business needs.

Client Portal

Access our customer portals and get the information you need using the link below, including GeoStore and GeoVerse™ portals.

Digital Events

Learn about the latest CGG digital events, tradeshows, virtual conferences, online webinars and more.

ML Software Environment

Learn about the latest CGG digital events, tradeshows, virtual conferences, online webinars and more.

Resources & News

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Industry Article

Model misspecification and bias in the least-squares algorithm: Implications for linearized isotropic AVO

Sep 2, 2021

This paper shows how to calculate the bias due to misspecified models in least-squares parameter estimation. It introduces Omitted Variable Bias (OVB), a technique well known in least-squares analysis in the context of econometric data analysis. OVB is applied to the analysis of linearized isotropic AVO models, both analytically and numerically. For misspecified models, such as two-term AVO fitting with large angle range or with large contrasts, OVB provides relations between the biased and unbiased least-squares model parameters. A Jupyter notebook and binder link let’s the reader apply the ideas presented to their own AVO models.

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Careers at CGG

Whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced professional, find your next opportunity at CGG.

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ML and AI Engineer

You’ll play a vital role in the continual development of our geoscience analytic techniques! Machine learning engineers possess a passion and aptitude for programming and enthusiasm for analytical and problem-solving challenges.

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Software Developer

Do you treat your code the way you want others’ code to treat you? If so, you are at the right place. We have exciting development work to do globally, including high-performance computing, imaging and reservoir algorithms, and our proprietary seismic imaging software.

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Research Geophysicist

You will be instrumental in solving new or unsolved problems in the seismic industry globally! Use your knowledge of signal processing, wave propagation and numerical optimization to develop and test cutting-edge algorithms, sequences or programs.

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