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CGG Cloud Services

Enhance operations using unrivaled high-performance computing from CGG

CGG has a long history of designing, developing and operationally supporting the highest performance compute capacity for advanced geoscience applications. Today, with its optimized suite of IT infrastructure, software, data science and geoscience technologies, the global CGG Cloud supports over six million seismic processing job submissions per week.

CGG Cloud Services


Streamline your operations and focus on your core business by letting industry experts manage your geoscience compute and storage needs.


Secure additional resources when needed, to quickly scale-up your computing resources and avoid bottle-necks in your exploration and development programs.


Hardware and geoscience software undergo rapid and constant development. Keep up-to-date by using our continuously evolving platform.

CGG Cloud Services

Optimized for geoscience data and applications, the CGG Cloud operates significantly more efficiently in this highly specialized industry than large commercial cloud offerings available today.

Remote access to industry-leading processing software and capacity.

Bespoke performance optimization and ML services (software/IT).

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Providing HPC resources for university collaboration and client remote access for training.

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Simple and efficient remote usage via client portal access for project monitoring, data access and compute resources.

Over 250 petabytes of data managed today (internal/external).

Secure cloud-to-cloud connect and delivery (e.g., Azure, AWS, client clouds).

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