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High-quality broadband subsurface imaging with exceptional resolution and penetration

BroadSeis™ seismic technology from CGG delivers detailed high-resolution subsurface images with the best low frequencies through a combination of advanced equipment, variable-depth streamer profiles, and proprietary pre-stack source and receiver deghosting and imaging technology. Its ability to record a full range of frequencies, low as well as high, is key to increasing the resolution of both the shallow and deeper parts of the seismic section.

Multi-client seismic data – BroadSeis

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Identify reservoir attributes with highly detailed broadband subsurface images that enable enhanced deep penetration.


Over 25,000 km2 of 3D broadband seismic data featuring BroadSeis™ and an advanced imaging workflow


Reduce risk with this advanced subsalt imaging solution that delivers enhanced images below complex geologies.

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