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Offshore Cameroon

Enhance exploration with integrated data and reprocessing

CGG in partnership with SNH have available workstation-ready exploration packages including enhanced 3D and 2D seismic data and well data for the Douala/Kribi-Campo and Rio del Rey sedimentary basins of Cameroon. For the ongoing licensing activity, we are pleased to offer over 7,500 kilometers of 3D pre-stack depth migration broadband reprocessed in 2021 from field tapes for the Douala/Kribi-Campo Basin. 

2020 3D PSDM Reprocessing Highlights

  • 7,573 km2 3D seismic field tapes reprocessed (PSDM)
  • PSDM gathers with radon demultiple applied in time or depth
  • Raw PSDM stack and four sub-stacks in time and depth
  • Filtered and scaled PSDM stack, four sub-stacks and intercept and gradient in time and depth
  • Final velocity field and depth model used for migration, plus full processing report

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