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Northern Viking Graben

Mitigate near-field risk in the Northern North Sea with a new dual-azimuth volume

CGG has a consistent regional dataset in the Northern North Sea (Norway and UK sectors) of more than 44,000 km2 high-quality PSDM data. Adding to this extensive data library, CGG has acquired approximately 26,000 km2 of East-West 3D data in order to provide a dual-azimuth volume over the NVG survey from the 2020-2022 seasons. The new survey includes a 1,900 km2 sparse node patch West of Oseberg for additional insight.

The existing North-South data set will be reprocessed entirely, and together with the new survey, will create a dual-azimuth volume to:

  • Identify and de-risk near-field exploration targets
  • Aid maturation of stranded discoveries towards development
  • Enhance the imaging of multi-directional fault patterns
  • Provide improved resolution to resolve complex reservoir stratigraphy

NVG Dual Azimuth

New East-West acquisition is being combined with a full reprocessing of the underlying NVG North-South data to generate a dual-azimuth seismic data set. 

The composite seismic line is taken from the new Northern Viking Graben dual-azimuth dataset revealing uplift (after) from the legacy dataset (before)

Comparison of 2018 single-azimuth Q-PSDM (before) and 2021 dual-azimuth final (after).

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