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Sauropod 3D Marine Seismic Survey Information

CGG Services (Australia) Pty Ltd (ABN 70 081 777 755) is preparing an environment plan for its Sauropod 3D Marine Seismic Survey (MSS), located in the eastern Bedout Sub-basin, approximately 120 km from the West Australian coast at Pardoo and 230 km from Broome. The survey will take a maximum of 60 days to acquire within the acquisition window of January to May 2024 or 2025.

CGG wishes to consult with relevant stakeholders to identify any functions, interests or activities that may be affected by the proposed operations. 
The environmental consultant RPS is currently engaging with stakeholders (local communities, Traditional Owners, fisheries representatives, conservation associations, regulatory bodies etc.) and addressing their potential concerns.

This page provides detailed information about the Sauropod 3D MSS:

1. Who is CGG Australia? 
2. What is ‘multi-client data’? 
3. What kind of activities are planned to be conducted during the Sauropod 3D Marine Seismic Survey? 
4. Why is new data needed in this area? 
5. How are seismic surveys authorized? 
6. Do CGG activities impact the environment? 
7. Is there a potential impact on fish? 
8. Will this survey mean all fishing in the area will have to be stopped during acquisition? 
9. What kind of consultation process has there been with the local stakeholders?

CGG plan for Sauropod 3D Marine Seismic Survey, located in the eastern Bedout Sub-basin
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