508XT  Latest land acquisition system offering highest productivity recording, best data quality and zero down time for up to 1 million channel. 


Akon A complete data management solution for world class National Data Repositories. Implemented for the Norwegian DISKOS NDR.


Bade AGG multi-client survey onshore-offshore Papua New Guinea.
BroadSeis™ Broadband marine towed-streamer seismic with the widest bandwidth and best low-frequency content in the industry for better imaging and reservoir characterisation.
BroadSource™ Broadband marine source to complementany receiver deghosting technique. Extends bandwidth to higher frequencies, over 200Hz.
B-WATS BroadSeis custom wide-azimuth towed streamer acquisition developed for sub-salt exploration, used offshore West Africa. 


Campos II  10,000km2 BroadSeis 3D survey in Campos Basin offshore Brazil. 
CleanSweep  Anti-distortion vibroseis sweep which improves productivity and provides better quality broadband and low frequency data for imaging and inversion. 
Cornerstone  35,000km2 3D broadband PSDM dataset in Central North Sea, with TomoML velocity model and extensive well control. 

Davros  11,000km2 BroadSeis-BroadSource 3D survey off NW Australia. 
Deghosting  Broadband processing for marine seismic. We have a toolbox of 2D (GWE) and 3D methods suitable for BroadSeis, slant, flat streamer receivers and source deghosting. 

EarthModel Builder  Rapid and affordable first-pass 3D reservoir modelling for field development and well planning. 
EmphaSeis  Broadband vibroseis which optimizes the low frequency output of vibrators for better low frequency content and higher productivity. 
ERGO  Robertson reservoir analogue database and knowledgebase for exploration & development workflows and reservoir model QC. 


Facies Finder  Fast relative seismic inversion for regional screening of AVO anomalies for play and prospect evaluation. 
FALCON®Plus Next-generation Airborne Gravity Gradiometer (AGG) service with half the noise of current commercial systems. Explore large areas efficiently, in more detail. 
FaultFractureSpark InsightEarth tool for rapid automatic fault extraction and estimation of volumetric fracture density and discrete fracture network from post-stack seismic volumes. 
Full Source Characterization (FSC)  Derivation of source signature from near-, mid- and far-field measurements for more accurate designature especially of bubble and low frequencies for better data quality. 
FWI  Full Waveform Inversion provides very detailed shallow velocity models for more accurate depth imaging for marine, seabed and land data. 


Gabon  25,000km2 integrated geoscience multi-client survey offshore Gabon. 
GeoSI HampsonRussell pre-stack geostatistical inversion for high-resolution reservoir characterisation and uncertainty analysis. 
GeoWave® II  Latest VSP array tool with up to 120 levels and high-presuure, high-temperature capable. 
Global offshore seeps  NPA database of natural hydrocarbon seeps imaged by satellite which prove active petroleum systems and de-risk plays. 
GRYPHON™  Unique airborne multi-physics survey combining AGG, magnetic, EM and other techniques mainly for efficient onshore regional mineral exploration. 
GWE  Ghost Wavefield Elimination toolbox of 2D pre-stack techniques to deghost marine streamer data to provide broadband  results. 


HampsonRussell 10.0 Fully integrated suite of geophysical tools for intuitive desktop reservoir characterization. Better integration with other GS products and new technology like GeoSI and RockSI. 
Horda  35,000km2 (inc Tampen) BroadSeis-BroadSource dataset offshore Norway.  Fully-integrated geoscience project with reservoir characterization products available in 2016. 
HPVA  Removal of harmonic noise from slip-sweep vibroseis data to enable higher-productivity acquisition without compromising quality. 


IME  Interbed Multiple Elimination techniques to improve the quality of seismic data. Includes ISS inverse scattering series methods. 
iScope  Downhole gauge for fast, efficient and real-time monitoring of pressure and temperature data during well testing. 
InSAR monitoring  NPA radar surface deformation monitoring with cm accuracy. Can detect production effects at the surface. 
InsightEarth 3.0  Advanced 3D interpretation suite offering a fresh approach to extracting geological knowledge from seismic data for better drilling decisions. Featuring PaleoSpark, FaultFractureSpark, SaltSpark. 

Jason 9.0  Seismic-to-simulation workflows including better integration with other GS products and new technology: anisotropic inversion, synthetics toolbox, RockRank 

LCT  Software for modelling, inversion and interpretation of potential field data. 


MagCUBE™  Crustal geomagnetic referencing data for directional drilling operations allowing more accurate wellbore placement. 
Manta™  Compact and versatile 4-C OBN technology which offers ROV (sparse nodes) or nodes-on-a rope (dense nodes) deployment. 
MWD  Model-based Water-Layer Demultiple is used in conjunction with SRME to improve seismic image quality in shallow water areas. 
Merlin+  Robertson paleo-Earth systems model to predict prospectivity of basins and de-risk frontier exploration. 

Nomad 65 / 90 Neo  New versions of the heavy (65) and super-heavy (90) Sercel vibrators optimized for low frequency generation and broadband sweeps. 
Nomad 15 Agile “go-anywhere” mini-vib to access the most challenging areas. 
Nautilus  3-in-1 streamer positioning, depth control and steering device for Sentinel streamers. Used for 3D and 4D surveys. 


PaleoSpark  InsightEarth tool for interpreting stratigraphic features as they were deposited for better reservoir understanding. 
PlateWizard™  Robertson advanced plate tectonic model for understanding depositional environments and basins. Backbone for other Robertson products like Merlin+. 
PleXus™  Management tool and portal to make enterprise data management more effective, scalable, cost efficient and secure. 
Powder River  Multi-Client survey and integrated geoscience project with full reservoir characterization in a Wyoming shale play. 
PowerLog®  Jason’s benchmark petrophysical well log interpretation package, now with new tools for improved total porosity estimation, fluids analysis and pore-pressure prediction. 
PowerLog® Frac™  Generating rock and fluid properties for frac modelling to optimize completions in plays requiring hydraulic fracturing, e.g. shale. A joint development with Baker Hughes. 
Pore Pressure Prediction  PPP provides volumetric estimates of pore pressure across fields or reservoirs to identify potential drilling hazards and improve well positioning 
ProAz  HampsonRussell seismic gather azimuthal anisotropy analysis tool for characterizing unconventional and naturally fractured reservoirs. 

QuietSea™  New passive acoustic monitoring which integrates into the seismic spread to detect marine mammals. 
QuietSeis™  New digital MEMS sensor used in the 508-DSU geophone with ultra-quiet performance for better data quality. 

REVIVE5D  Seismic data regularisation and interpolation. 
RockMod  Jason pre-stack geostatistical inversion for high-resolution reservoir characterisation and uncertainty analysis. 
RoqSCAN™  Robertson automated mineralogy technology for geosteering wells and optimizing well completion design. Operated in the field under an exclusive agreement with Baker Hughes. 
RTM  Reverse Time Migration, the current preferred algorithm for complex structural imaging using the 2-way wave equation. 
RockSI™   Rock Physics modelling explores links between seismic and rock properties for quantitative interpretation and feasibility studies.  


SeaPro Nav  Marine seismic navigation and planning software which can support complex multi-vessel operations. 
Searay 428  Industry-leading 4-Component digital OBC system for seabed seismic down to 300m. 
SeisMovie  Unique onshore continuous 4D monitoring solution, used for steam-assisted heavy oil production monitoring. 
Sentinel® MS  Multi-sensor seismic streamer for broadband and hi-res acquisition. No vessels yet fully-equipped with it. 
Sentinel® RD  Reduced diameter version of the Sentinel seismic streamer allowing 15% increase in capacity / longer streamers. 
SOP  Multi-client Shale Optimization Program incorporating seismic and geology in an integrated geoscience approach to highlight sweet spots for development. 
SRME  Surface Related Multiple Attenuation, the standard for marine data to improve data and image quality. Now cascaded with other techniques and also applicable to land seismic. 
StagSeis  Market-leading sub-salt imaging solution based on full-azimuth (FAZ) and ultra-long offset (20km) BroadSeis acquisition and state-of-the-art FAZ imaging. IBALT, DEUX and TROIS MCNV in the Gulf of Mexico. 
Surface Geochemistry  Sampling and geochemical analysis of hydrocarbon seeps to understand provenance and basin prospectivity. 
SWANA Advanced seismic noise attenuation targeting ground roll, surface waves and guided waves.
SWD  Shallow Water Demultiple to improve data quality, specifically targeting areas where SRME will not work well, like shallow water. 
SynAcq  Synchronized acquisition with 2 or more streamer vessels on the same survey with planned SI (Seismic Interference) mitigation to reduce turnaround time without compromising on data quality. 


Taurus Reservoir Solution  Geomechanics experts recently acquired by GeoConsulting for reservoir model building and well planning. 
Tellus™  Robertson’s definitive multi-client exploration database to provide understanding of region, basin and play scale petroleum geology. 
TerrainExplorer  NPA packaged combination of satellite imagery and elevation data to support specific challenges such as pre-survey planning. 
TOMO-ML  Unique global multi-layer tomography for depth imaging which produces more accurate models for improved seismic images. 
TOR  Tilted orthorhombic anisotropic velocity model for more accurate imaging in and below fractured and tilted formations. 
TTI  Tilted anisotropic velocity model for more accurate imaging in and below tilted sedimentary formations. 


UltraSeis™  Our integrated solution for seismic for onshore reservoir development, providing images and data suitable for QI and reservoir model building. 
UNITE  Cableless onshore acquisition system / nodes with wifi QC and data harvesting for improved coverage, flexibility and productivity in difficult terrain. 

VelPro  Post-stack velocity model building for interpretation and depth-conversion applications. 


WidePass  Acquisition using a streamer vessel and a source vessel to increase subsurface coverage without increasing surface footprint, an alternative to ultra-wide tow.