Board of Directors

Philippe Salle
Philippe Salle

Independent director and Chairman of the Board - French

Sophie Zurquiyah
Sophie Zurquiyah

Director and Chief Executive Officer - French and American

Anne-France Laclide

Anne-France Laclide (a)
Independent director - French

Gilberte Lombard

Gilberte Lombard (a, c)
Independent director - French

Mario Ruscev
Mario Ruscev
Independent director - French

Helen Lee BouyguesHelen Lee Bouygues (a)
Independent director - American

Colette Lewiner

Colette Lewiner (b)
Independent director - French

Robert Semmens

Robert Semmens (b,c)
Director - American

Heidi PetersenHeidi Petersen (b, d)
Independent director - Norwegian

Michael Daly

Michael Daly (d)
Independent director - British

Patrice Guillaume

Patrice Guillaume (b, d)
Director representing employees - French

(a) Member of the Audit Committee
(b) Member of the Appointment & Renumeration Committee
(c) Member of the Investment Committee
(d) Member of the HSE/Sustainable Development Committee



The Board of Directors has 11 members, eight of whom are independent directors. The Board reviews the qualification of the directors as independent annually before release of the 'Document de Référence', on the basis of the AFEP-MEDEF report.

The corporate governance rules of the New York Stock Exchange differ from the regulations and recommendations applicable in France, especially those governing the definition of director independence and the role and operation of the Board’s committees.

As a non-U.S. listed company, we are exempted from many of these corporate governance rules, which are applicable to U.S. listed companies. For example, our Board has not formally determined which of its directors meet NYSE independence standards, and non-management directors do not meet regularly.

Our Appointment & Remuneration Committee is not made up exclusively of independent directors, and the Board’s internal charter does not address committee purposes and responsibilities in the manner specified by the NYSE rules applicable to nominating, compensation and audit committees. However, our Audit Committee members meet the independence test for audit committee members established by the SEC, and we believe that they also meet the definition of ‘‘independence’’ under the NYSE rules.

The Board of Directors is chaired by Mr. Philippe Salle and the members of the Board of Directors are:

Name Position Initially Appointed Term Expires
Mr. Philippe Salle* Director and Chairman of the Board 2018 2021
Mrs. Sophie Zurquiyah Director and Chief Executive Officer 2018  2022 
Mr. Mario Ruscev*
Director 2018 2019
Mr. Robert F. Semmens Director 1999 2019
Mrs. Anne-France Laclide* Director 2017 2021
Mrs. Gilberte Lombard* Director 2011 2019
Mrs. Colette Lewiner* Director 2018 2019
Mrs. Helen Lee Bouygues* Director 2018 2020
Mrs. Heidi Petersen* Director 2018 2020
Mr. Michael Daly* Director 2015 2021
 Mr. Patrice Guillaume Director representing employees 2017 2021

What is an 'Independent Director'?
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