HSE/Sustainable Development Committee


The HSE/Sustainable Development Committee's assignments are the following:

  • To determine the main areas of HSE performance that need to be improved on an ongoing basis and to assess, on a regular basis, our progress made by comparison with other companies in our industry;
  • To review the high-rated risks (HPI), to examine the analysis of their causes and related mitigation actions;
  • To monitor any major HSE crisis and its related mitigation actions;
  • To keep the Board of Directors informed of the measures undertaken by the Group in relation to HSE as well as the Group actions in the area of Sustainable Development.


The HSE/Sustainable Development Committee is chaired by Mr. Michael Daly*. Members of the HSE/Sustainable Development Committee are:

  • Mrs. Heidi Petersen*
  • Mr. Mario Ruscev*
  • Mr. Patrice Guillaume

(*) Independent director



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Sustainability - Environment


Caring for the environment is part of how CGG conducts its business.
Sustainability - Sustainable Development Strategy

Sustainable Development Strategy

Operating safely and with integrity in order to deliver sustainable performance.