CGG Announces its Third Quarter 2007 Results

  • Group Revenues up 33% in $

  • 45% EBITDA Margin

  • Net Income 11% of Revenues

  • Robust Market Outlook

PARIS, France – November 15th, 2007 – CGGVeritas (ISIN: 0000120164 – NYSE: CGV) today announced its third quarter 2007 unaudited financial results(1). All comparisons are made on a year-on-year basis with pro-forma 2006 figures.

  • Group Revenues were €607 million ($829 million) and grew 33% in $.
  • Sercel and Services delivered solid operational performance, with a strong Group EBITDA margin of 45%. Net income rose to €69 million ($94 million) up 100% in $ and representing 11% of revenues.
  • Sercel revenues were high this quarter, totaling €213 million ($291 million) up 69% in $, with a 34% operating margin.
  • Services revenues were €437 million ($596 million) growing 27% in $, with EBITDA margin reaching 50%.
  • Backlog as of November 1st 2007 increased to $1.650 billion.

CGGVeritas Chairman & CEO, Robert Brunck commented:

"I am pleased to report that into a very active seismic market CGGVeritas delivered its third consecutive solid quarter. The integration of the new Group continues to progress well and our unique suite of capabilities and technology in wide-azimuth both in Land and in Marine is providing a step change in imaging for our clients. I am also very pleased to see the continued growth and the strong technological and industrial performance of Sercel.

Looking forward we will further build on the successful creation of CGGVeritas as a result of our strategy of technology leadership in both equipment and services combined with strong regional presence across all markets. This will enable us to best meet our client's needs in finding and producing reserves in an ever more demanding environment."

Overall Performance and Highlights

Group Revenues were €607 million ($829 million). This 33% growth in $ was driven by strong sales in both land and marine seismic equipment and by high land acquisition activity as well as good utilization of our seismic fleet that was equally split between contract and Multi-Client programs.

Group EBITDA grew at a faster pace to reach €271 million ($369 million), up 51% in $, compared to €191 million ($244 million). EBITDA margin was strong at 45% compared to 39% a year ago, driven by Sercel performance, better marine pricing as well as high onshore activity.

Group Operating Profit was €115 million ($157 million) up 50% in $, a 19% operating margin, including Purchase Price Allocation (“PPA”) of €13 ($17 million) compared to €81 million ($104 million) including PPA of €7 ($9 million), a 17% operating margin a year ago.

Net Income was €69 million ($94 million) up 100% in $, compared to €37 million ($47 million), leading to an EPS of €2.54 compared to €1.35 a year ago. The tax rate was 22% benefiting from a favorable impact of NOK currency exchange rate on deferred tax.

Industrial Capex for the third quarter 2007 was €65 million ($89 million) mainly to equip our two new vessels the Vision and the Vanquish. Multi-Client Capex was €134 million ($182 million) to support our offshore surveys in Brazil and in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM), including our leading wide-azimuth program in Walker Ridge. In land Multi-Client we were also active in North America.

Group Net Debt was stable at $1,680 million, representing 49% of total shareholders equity of $ 3,437 million.

Consolidated Statement of Income
In millions US dollars

Q3 2007

Q3 2006

YTD 2007

YTD 2006

Exchange rate 1.365 1.279 1.341 1.242
Operating revenues 828.6 620.8 2374.6 1822.2
Sercel 290.7 172.2 823.1 523.5
Services 595.8 469.2 1679.7 1394.5
Elimination (57.9) (20.6) (128.2) (95.8)
Gross profit 240.1 181.3 746.8 536.9
Operating profit (loss) 156.8 104.2 481.0 324.6
Sercel 98.8 49.3 279.9 140.9
Services 98.1 64.3 293.2 217.9
Corporate and Elimination (40.1) (9.4) (92.1) (34.2)
Income from equity investments 1.7 4.0 3.4 11.1
EBITDA 369.4 244.2 991.6 720.1
Sercel 105.8 55.4 299.7 156.7
Services 299.7 198.6 774.7 601.2
Net income (loss) 93.5 46.6 244.5 111.9
Industrial Capex & development costs 92.4 61.4 250.0 206.8
Multi-Client Capex 181.6 93.6 373.4 198.8
Net Debt / Equity gearing ratio 49% N/A 49% N/A
Earnings per share (in Euros) 2.54 1.35 6.72 3.31

Business Review


Revenues for Services were €437 million ($596 million) up 27% in $, driven by strengthening market conditions, upward price mobility and vessel utilization rates at 88% for our 3D fleet. EBITDA was €220 million ($300 million), a 50% EBITDA margin compared to €155 million ($199 million) and a 42% EBITDA margin during the third quarter of 2006. Operating Profit including PPA was €72 million ($98 million) a 17% operating margin, compared to €50 million ($64 million) a 14% operating margin a year ago.

  • Land contract revenues were €93 million ($127 million) up 68% in $.

The land market continued to strengthen. We operated 26 crews on average in select markets with 9 crews in the Western Hemisphere and 17 crews in the Eastern Hemisphere. Increasing demand for our high-end technology drove the expansion of our HPVATM wide-azimuth technology and the successful introduction of SeismovieTM for advanced 4D projects.

  • Marine contract revenues were €126 million ($172 million) up 11% in $.

We operated 50% of our high-end 3D fleet on contract compared to 65% in 2006, mostly in the Eastern Hemisphere with half in Asia Pacific (Malaysia and Vietnam) and half in EAME (Congo, Qatar and Norway) on large high resolution and 4D surveys. We continued the performance upgrades of our fleet with the launch of the Vision, the completion of our new Vanquish which will be available in Q4 and the upgrade of the Challenger from a 10 to a 12 streamer configuration before heading to a 3D multi-azimuth contract offshore Egypt. Our 2D fleet primarily operated in Asia Pacific.

  • Processing revenues were €64 million ($88 million) up 8% in $.

We operated 41 processing and imaging centers worldwide including 12 dedicated client centers. Demand for processing and imaging remained strong worldwide driven by marine data volumes especially with the increasing market take-up of wide-azimuth in the GoM and the growing demand for our advanced imaging capabilities. Convergence of software technology is on track with full synergy in 2009.

  • Multi-Client total revenues were €154 million ($209 million) up 32% in $.

Multi-Client land revenues were €40 million ($54 million), with 4 crews operating in Canada and the US. After-sales continued to be strong especially in the Canadian Foothills.

Multi-Client marine revenues were €114 million ($155 million) with high prefunding sales. The third quarter was particularly intensive for Multi-Client work as we operated more than 6 of our 3D vessels on data library with notable strong performance of our large scale operations on wide-azimuth in GoM. After-sales were comparable year-on-year and particularly driven by strong interest in Brazil.


Revenues for Sercel were €213 million ($291 million) up 69% in $. Sercel external sales were €170 million ($233 million) up 54% in $, a very high level with the combination of strong land and particularly high marine equipment deliveries. Sercel Operating Profit was €72 million ($99 million) a 34% operating margin, compared to €39 million ($49 million) a 28% operating margin during the third quarter of 2006. Sercel EBITDA was €78 million ($106 million) a 36% EBITDA margin, compared to €43 million ($55 million) a 32% EBITDA margin a year ago.

  • Sercel delivered a significantly large volume of land equipment to meet the requirements of an expanding market with an increasing demand for higher channel count crews.
  • Marine equipment sales were at an especially high level as several sets of streamers were delivered ahead of schedule this quarter.
  • The first commercial SeaRay OBC cable was delivered and successfully deployed on a shallow water operation.


Looking forward we expect the seismic market to remain robust and we will continue to strengthen our position across all markets.

The Vanquish will join the Vision in mid December to begin operations on our Garden Banks wide-azimuth Multi-Client program in the GoM that will run concurrently with the Walker Ridge program already in progress. This will be our 5th wide-azimuth program in the GoM.

Comparison with CGG Stand-Alone

Consolidated Statement of Income
In million Euros

Q3 2007

Q3 2006

YTD 2007

YTD 2006

Exchange rate 1.365 1.279 1.341 1.242
Operating revenues 607.2 321.1 1770.5 955.6
Sercel 213.1 134.3 1252.4 421.5
Services 436.8 201.0 613.7 603.9
Elimination (42.7) (14.2) (95.6) (69.2)
Operating profit 114.7 71.5 358.7 217.6
Sercel 72.4 38.6 208.7 113.5
Services 71.8 40.0 218.6 129.7
Corporate and Elimination (29.5) (7.1) (68.6) (25.6)
Income (loss) from equity investments 1.3 3.1 2.5 8.9
EBITDA 271.2 124.2 739.3 358.4
Sercel 77.6 43.3 223.4 126.2
Services 220.2 88.1 577.6 260.7
Net income (loss) 68.7 44.8 182.3 121.1
Earnings per share (in Euros) 2.54 2.55 6.72 6.92

Other Information

The quarterly financial information, including Press Releases, 6K detailed financial figures and presentation, are available on our website.

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(1): Veritas results have been incorporated as of January 12th 2007 at the time the merger was effective. For the purpose of providing the best understanding of our performance, all results are third quarter results unless otherwise stated and are compared to pro-forma 2006 figures. 2006 pro-forma figures are pro-forma as if the merger was effective on January 1st, 2006 and result from the consolidation of former CGG and former Veritas figures. All the figures are provided in euros and US dollars. The $ figures are calculated based on third quarter €/$ average exchange rate for the Profit & Loss and Cash Flow Statement and are based on the €/$ closing exchange rate for the Balance Sheet. EBITDA figures are stated before share based compensation. The comparison in € between the CGGVeritas third quarter 2007 results with the third quarter 2006 CGG standalone results is provided on the last page.

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