Sercel Launches Sentinel HR High-Resolution Seismic Streamer

Paris, France – 4 April 2017

CGG announced today that Sercel has launched Sentinel® HR, a high-resolution solid streamer designed to meet the specific imaging needs of shallow-target applications, such as oceanology, civil engineering and reservoir characterization, as well as high-resolution 3D (HR3D) seismic surveys for detailed mapping of geological features.

Sentinel HR
The new Sentinel HR high-resolution seismic streamer
(image courtesy of Sercel).

The latest member of the Sentinel streamer family has been developed with a close channel separation of 3.125 m to achieve reliable and cost-effective high-resolution surveys. Recent enhancements available in Sercel’s new-generation Seal 428 marine seismic recorder allow a higher channel count, enabling up to 6 km of Sentinel HR to be deployed with full data and power redundancy to ensure non-stop acquisition, opening up new possibilities for HR3D survey configurations.

Drawing on the commercial and operational success of the well-established Sentinel solid streamer family, which has over 40,000 streamer sections deployed in the field to date, the Sentinel HR offers unrivalled reliability. Delivering the best signal-to-noise ratio and high-quality pressure measurements from its hydrophone sensors, the Sentinel HR meets the challenges of high-resolution surveys, enabling the detailed imaging of complex subsurface geology.

The Sentinel HR adapts to all types of survey spreads, from comb deployment to larger configurations integrating the Nautilus® steering system. In addition, the Sentinel HR can also provide marine mammal monitoring when combined with QuietSea™, Sercel’s revolutionary Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) system, which is seamlessly integrated into the seismic streamers.

Pascal Rouiller, Sercel CEO, said: “Sercel’s Sentinel HR is a robust new member of our Sentinel product family that will help to achieve a better understanding of subsurface geology for a broad range of industries. Built on field-proven technology recognized by the global seismic industry, the Sentinel HR is a cost-effective and powerful tool for both exploration and field development that will meet the intrinsic requirements of a wide range of specific shallow-target market applications.”


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Best signal-to-noise ratio. Lowest frequencies. Most reliable 4D. Widest weather window. Broadband ready. For the most demanding applications, choose Sentinel.

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Sentinel is the quietest streamer in the market and provides the highest-quality seismic data resulting in the clearest seismic image.
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