CGG Continues to Expand Anadarko Basin Library with New SCOOP/STACK Survey

PARIS, France – January 15, 2019

CGG has commenced acquisition of a new high-density 3D survey in the Anadarko Basin. With the tightest acquisition parameters of any survey in CGG’s Oklahoma data library, the 306-square-mile Chickasha Extension builds on and enhances CGG’s extensive existing coverage totaling more than 1,200 square miles over the SCOOP/STACK play. High-end imaging will provide a better understanding of the complex geology in this area, including enhanced definition of the Meramec, Osage, and Woodford plays.

The Chickasha Extension is located in Canadian, Grady, and Caddo counties, Oklahoma and will bridge the gap between CGG’s Yukon, Chickasha Merge and Watonga Merge 3D surveys with high-quality broadband data. In areas where there is an overlap with existing surveys, its higher trace density and fold coverage will deliver a superior product over previously acquired data.

Chickasha Extension Small Map showing CGG's data coverage in the Anadarko Basin.
Download the full size image.

A fast-track PostSTM data set will be available in May 2019. Final deliverables will include an orthorhombic offset vector tile (OVT) PreSTM in July 2019, a tilted transverse isotropic (TTI) PreSDM in September 2019, and a Reservoir Optimization Package (ROP) will follow. The ROP will include a deterministic inversion as well as a petrophysical and geochemical evaluation. This full package will give the industry a better geologic understanding of the reservoir, to help operators optimize development and maximize recovery.

Sophie Zurquiyah, CEO, CGG, said: “Our Chickasha Extension has a prime position in the most active E&P area of the Anadarko Basin. It not only builds on our already extensive coverage in this region, it heralds the next step in acquisition survey design to deliver optimal structural imaging of the subsurface. Clients will have access to better coverage over the whole area and benefit from the insight of a higher-resolution image than had previously been thought possible.

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