Sercel Launches WiNG Next-Generation Land Nodal System

Paris, France – September 17, 2019

CGG announced today that Sercel has launched WiNG, a fully integrated wireless nodal acquisition system that combines optimum field operational efficiency with the highest level of data quality available to support the most precise imaging needs of the land seismic industry.

Leveraging the proven high performance of QuietSeis®, Sercel’s broadband digital sensor, WiNG is the next-generation land nodal system of choice for data acquisition companies looking to achieve the most efficient and productive seismic surveys.

Pascal Rouiller, Sercel CEO, said: “Sercel has established its market-leading reputation on its commitment to delivering the best seismic data quality in the industry. We have launched WiNG in response to consultations with our customers and the latest projections for the requirements of tomorrow’s geophysics. Sercel’s new nodal technology will boost survey productivity while delivering unprecedented data quality."

The new WiNG fully integrated wireless nodal acquisition system from Sercel (image courtesy of Sercel)

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