Ownership Structure

CGG Shareholder Breakdown at June 20, 2019:

Ownership structure june 2019

To help you locate relevant information about double voting and holdings exceeding certain percentages, we offer the following collapsible links:

As from May 22, 1997, a double voting right is allocated to all registered and fully paid-up shares registered in the name of the same holder for at least two years.

In the event of an increase in capital by incorporation of reserves, profits or paid in capital, this double voting right is granted as soon as they are issued, to registered shares allocated free to a shareholder at the rate of the former shares for which he benefits from this right.

The double voting right ceases ipso jure for any share having been subject to a conversion to the bearer or a transfer of ownership subject to exceptions provided for by law.

In conformity with article L.225-99, paragraph 2, of the French commercial code, the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting may not terminate the double voting right without prior authorization of a special assembly of the beneficiaries of such right.
Any shareholder holding directly or indirectly a portion amounting to 1 percent of the stock capital or of the voting rights or a multiple of this percentage shall give notice to the Company of the number of shares or voting rights he holds, within five trading days from the date on which one of these thresholds was exceeded. Pursuant to applicable regulations, in the event of failure to comply with this notification requirement, and upon request of one or several shareholders holding at least 1 percent of the capital, such request being recorded in the minutes of the Meeting, those shares in excess of the fraction that should have been declared shall be deprived of their voting rights from the date of said Meeting and for any other subsequent Meeting to be held until the expiry of a 2-year period following the date on which the required notification of the passing of the threshold will have been regularized.

Similarly, any shareholder whose shareholding is reduced below one of these thresholds shall give notice thereof to the Company within the same 5-day period.
Any shareholder, acting alone or in concert with others, who acquires more than 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 1/3, 50%, 2/3, 90% or 95% of our outstanding shares or voting rights thereof or whose shareholding falls below any such percentage, shall notify the Company within five (5) trading days of the date such threshold was crossed of the number of shares it holds and of the voting rights attached thereto, in conformity with the article L.233-7 of the French commercial code.
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