81st EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition 2019

Technical Papers

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We're proud to have contributed a wide array of papers to the technical program.

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11:50 Q-Tomography: status and challenges
Fatiha Gamar-Sadat
WS01 Attenuation: Challenges in Modelling and Imaging at the Exploration Scale
1:45 Quantifying Uncertainty in 3D CSEM Inversion: A practical approach
Federico Miorelli
WS07 Integration of Marine CSEM in the Exploration Workflow
9:40 Learn to Invert: Surface Wave Inversion with Deep Neural Network
Song Hou
WS10 Machine Learning: Opportunities and Challenges
1:20 High-Frequency Full-Waveform Inversion: Just How High Should You Go?
Andrew Ratcliffe
WS08 New directions for broadband processing
2:00 Broadband FAZ Land Data: an Opportunity for FWI
Olivier Hermant
WS08 New directions for broadband processing
3:10 Towards Lateral Broadband
Robert Soubaras
WS08 New directions for broadband processing
8:55 Multidimensional optimal transport for 3D FWI: demonstration on field data.
Jeremie Messud
Full Waveform Inversion I, Room 08
9:45 Resolving the Challenges of Imaging Steeply-dipping Reservoirs against a Complex Salt Diapir
Jack Kosky
Multi-Component Seismic I, Room 09
9:45 Petrophysical inversion using adaptive ensemble-based optimization method
Remi Moyen
Seismic Interpretation - Rock Physics I, Room 02
9:45 Demultiple techniques with improved AVO compliance
Celine Lacombe
Multiple Estimation & Suppression, Room 01
10:30 Near surface characterization in Southern Oman: Multi-Wave Inversion guided by Machine Learning
Sylvain Masclet
Near Surface Technologies I, Room 16
10:30 Shallow water surface related multiple attenuation using multi-sailline 3D deconvolution imaging
Gordon Poole
Multiple Estimation & Suppression, Room 01
10:55 Triassic strike slip across the Northwest Shelf of Australia
Michael Urbat
Basin Evolution: Structure, Sedimentation and Economic Geology I, Room 11
11:20 High resolution Full Waveform Inversion: two pitfalls and a remedy
Thibaut Allemand
Full Waveform Inversion I, Room 08
11:20 High resolution multi-modal surface wave inversion for shallow S-wave velocity model building
Xiaobo Li
Multi-Component Seismic I, Room 09
11:45 Revealing pre-carbonate reservoirs using advanced modelling and imaging methods
Muhib Kabul Syah
Multiple Estimation & Suppression, Room 01
2:45 Controls on the Distribution of Volcanism and Intra-Basaltic Sediments in the Cambo–Rosebank Region, West of Shetland
Jonathon Hardman
Best of Petroleum Geoscience - Global Resource Development (In colloboration with the Geology Society of London), Room 11
3:30 Rich azimuth dual triple-source simultaneous shooting West of Shetlands
Gordon Poole
Simultaneous Sources I, Room 09
4:45 Hunting high and low in marine seismic acquisition; combining wide-tow top sources with front sources
Vetle Vinje
Simultaneous Sources I, Room 09
4:45 Geological Implications Of High Resolution Gravity and Magnetics Zambezi Delta
Marianne Parsons
Poster: Exploration - Play and Prospect Evaluation A & Case Studies A, ePosters 07
8:30 Capturing the value of high resolution source-over-streamer acquisition at Barent sea
Nicolas Salaun
Imaging Case Studies I, Room 04
8:55 Enhance dynamic-warping for FWI to mitigate cycle-skipping
Tengfei Wang
Full Waveform Inversion III, Room 08
9:45 Implementing new technology to revitalize Central North Sea seismic: an evolution methodology for reprocessing and QC
Phil Hayes
Imaging Case Studies I, Room 04
9:45 PP/PS Processing, Inversion and Interpretation of Vietnam’s First 3D-4C OBC Survey in the Cuu Long Basin
Olivier Colnard
Integrated Subsurface Studies – Seismic Reservoir Characterization I, Room 15
10:30 High-resolution velocity model building and imaging for injectites in the North Sea
Sam Bretherton
Full Waveform Inversion III, Room 08
3:30 Robust interbed multiple modelling and attenuation for variable-density surveys onshore Oman
Ross Haacke
Poster: Multiple Attenuation, ePosters 02
3:30 Seeps in Shallow Water - Structural Indicators?
Leila Evans
Petroleum Systems - Source Rocks I, Room 17
4:20 Improved Structural Imaging Using Joint Velocity and Q FWI on Ocean Bottom Seismic
Kate McCluskey
FWI Case Studies I, Room 08
4:45 Specular imaging of converted wave data and AVO impact
Ramez Refaat
Seismic Interpretation - Quantitative Interpretation and AVO I, Room 01
8:30 Full-cycle iterative processing: when is “good”, good enough? A 4D North Sea case study
Matt Walker (BP)
Time-Lapse Processing, Room 09
8:55 Practical multi-parameter FWI at the South Arne field
Ross Haacke
FWI Case Studies II, Room 08
9:45 On the effects of finite dipoles in 3-D Magnetotelluric modeling
Wolfgang Soyer
Electromagnetic Methods II, Room 02
10:30 Seismic image-guided 3D inversion of marine CSEM and MT data
Federico Miorelli
Electromagnetic Methods II, Room 02
11:20 Acoustic land full waveform inversion on a broadband land dataset: the impact of optimal transport
Anna Sedova
FWI Case Studies II, Room 09
11:20 4D AVO: Multi-Vintage Amplitude Versus Offset analysis
Thierry Coléou
Time-Lapse Processing, Room 09
3:30 Leveraging supervised machine learning toolkit for better seismic processing quality control Introduction
Matthieu Chambefort
Deep Learning and Data Analytics - Seismic Applications I & Methods and Applications II, Room 11
2:00 Use of Tomography Velocity Uncertainty in GRV Calculation
Thierry Coleou
WS14 Uncertainty Quantification in Seismic Modelling and Inversion



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