AAPG Europe Regional Conference 2020

January 28 - 29, 2020 - Athens, Greece

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CGG's global geoscience technologies enable you to build comprehensive earth models that support the discovery and responsible management of the Earth's natural resources.

Learn more about our broad range of leading products and expert services that help unlock the secrets of the earth through a variety of geoscience disciplines.

Come share our passion.

Our Technical Papers

Multidisciplinary Integration by Geostatistical Seismic Property Modeling
Ali Moradi Tehrani
4:30 January 29, Room A

GeoSoftware - Geostatistical Inversion

Geostatistical Inversion

Generate multiple predictions of fine detail within a reservoir, each honoring the known input information from well logs and seismic.
GeoSoftware - Advanced Geostatistical Inversion

Advanced Geostatistical Inversion

Integrate disparate data and interpretations across all pertinent geoscience domains into highly detailed and predictive sub-surface reservoir characterizations.


GeoSoftware offers a comprehensive solution for your integrated geophysical, geological, petrophysical, rock physics and interpretation needs.




February 25 - 27, 2020
1st AAPG-EAGE Papua New Guine...
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

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March 01 - 04, 2020
PDAC 2020
Toronto, Canada

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March 03 - 05, 2020
APPEX 2020
London, United Kingdom

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