URTeC 2020 Unconventional Resources Technology Conference

July 20 - 22, 2020 - an online experience!

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CGG's global geoscience technologies enable you to build comprehensive earth models that support the discovery and responsible management of the Earth's natural resources.

Learn more about our broad range of leading products and expert services that help unlock the secrets of the earth through a variety of geoscience disciplines.

Come share our passion.

Our Technical Papers

Prediction of 3-D Facies and Petrophysical Models using Seismic Inversion and Advanced Statistical Data Analytics in Midland Basin Study Area
V. Pandey1, T. Nekrasova1, I. Tsybulkina1, K. Clemons2, D. Li1, B. Six1
(1 CGG; 2 Lario Oil & Gas Company)

2:40 Tuesday July 21st, Theme 3 (geophysical reservoir characterization: statistical seismic attribute methods)

Predicting Fluvial Reservoir Facies by Upscaling Seismic Inversion with 3-D Geocellular Modeling: Pinedale Field Case Study
S. K. Logan1, E. LaBarre1, C. Dorion2, P. R. Clarke1, M. Ahmed3, A. Hartley4
(1 Ultra Petroleum; 2 Schlumberger; 3 CGG; 4 University of Aberdeen)

11:30 Wednesday July 22nd, Theme 3 (integrated geophysical and geologic modeling)

Multi-Client Data - North-America-Land

North America Onshore

Advanced seismic data and Reservoir Packages to bring science to your exploration and optimize drilling and completion
GeoConsulting - GeoAnalytics


We link geoscience and engineering data with proven data analytics workflows to help you drill and complete more effective wells.

GeoSoftware - Geostatistical Inversion

Geostatistical Inversion

Generate multiple predictions of fine detail within a reservoir, each honoring the known input information from well logs and seismic.



August 11 - 27, 2020
Summer NAPE (Virtual)
Houston, United States of America

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August 25 - 27, 2020
Second EAGE Marine Acquisitio...
Oslo, Norway

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September 08 - 10, 2020
First EAGE Seabed Seismic Wor...
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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