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Chasing plays along the Rona Ridge

Geo Expro, September, 2020
Matthew Dack
©2020 GeoPublishing Ltd

An article summarizing CGG's recent Multi-Client seismic acquisition in the West of Shetland. Article covers the exploration history, key petroleum systems, geological challenges for seismic imaging and interpretation and identification of exploration opportunities within the data.

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Enhanced Oil Recovery as a Second Revenue Stream in a Gas Storage Facility; Understanding and Monitoring the Humbly Grove Field, Hampshire, U.K.

First Break, September, 2020
Arthur Satterley | Potcharaporn (Yok) Pongthunya | Jonny Imber | Ken McCaffrey | Jon Gluyas | Max Wilkinson | Andrew Sowter | Stefan Nielsen | Nicola de Paola | Richard Jones | Paul Jordan and Arthur Moors
©2020 EAGE

The Humbly Grove field is a unique example of an onshore UK field with two co-existing revenue streams; seasonal gas storage and enhanced oil recovery. As with other gas storage facilities, Humbly Grove operates under strict safety legislation. The license to operate is dependent on a robust safety case. This was developed with an integrated approach to reservoir monitoring and modeling which combines a range of geoscience expertise to understand the behavior and safe limits for gas storage. CGG's involvement since 2012 has included reservoir modelling and flow simulation as the Operator's subsurface team. Safety monitoring, contracted to Durham University, involved ground and satellite based sensing and geomechanics.

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Fault Analysis Using 3-D Data Reduces Water Production, H2S Risks In Delaware Basin

American Oil & Gas Reporter, July, 2020
Graham Spence | Sandra Marek

This article will mainly focus on the fracture/fault analysis of CGG’s multi-client 3D seismic data to highlight the potential flow pathways and contribution of excess formation water in unconventional lateral well development. By using CGG’s InsightEarth (FractureFaultSpark) software, major intra-formational and through-going formational faults were identified throughout the main development formations (Wolfcamp and Bone Spring). Through the identification of these lineaments, and the petrophysical analysis of the above and below formations (water saturation), risk maps are developed for the operators, allowing them to proactively and appropriately prepare for these features within their drilling and completion campaigns.

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New pyrolysis method offers alternative for evaluating unconventional shale oil resources

Hart's E & P, July, 2020
Adriana Perez | Olaia Zarketa | Djamel Boutoutaou | Graham Spence
©2019 Hart Energy

This article is related new pyrolysis method developed by CGG. This new method is called “unconventional pyrolysis method” for bitumen-rich source rock samples from shale oil plays. This novel technique applies a different temperature program to the Rock-Eval pyrolysis 6 equipment, using the multi-heating temperature program option. This method significantly improves the peak resolution of the hydrocarbons carried over into the S2 peak and resolves the issue of the S1 peak being underestimated. Moreover, it significantly improves interpretation and evaluation of the organic matter properties and productive trends in shale oil plays.

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Driving the future of seismic exploration

Oilfield Technology, June, 2020
Risto Siliqi
©2020 Palladian Publications Ltd

Risto Siliqi, CGG, France, explains how the largest multi-client ocean bottom node survey in the UK Central North Sea will deliver unprecedented seismic data quality to identify remaining reservoir potential.

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