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NVG: Igniting exploration

Geo Expro, November, 2020
Marit Stokke Bauck | Jaswinder Mann | Thomas Latter | Anna Rumyantseva | Idar Kjorlaug
©2020 GeoPublishing Ltd

Exploration in the Northern North Sea has been extremely successful, with important discoveries such as Statfjord, discovered in 1974, and Oseberg, Snorre, Gullfaks and Troll, discovered in 1979. More recently, several smaller, but still very valuable, discoveries have been made, demonstrating the remaining potential of the area. This has been achieved through further maturation of established plays, as well as the addition of new plays being identified and explored within the stratigraphic sequence. After acquiring a 44,000 km2 3D broadband survey over the Northern Viking Graben, known as ‘NVG’, in a N-S direction from 2014-2018, CGG recently took the next step, by completing the first phase of a multi-year E-W acquisition project over the existing survey to generate a dual-azimuth (DAZ) volume. This initiative comes in response to industry demand for improved data quality and regional coverage, which will be particularly important going forward with the increased focus on near-field exploration and the hunt for less obvious targets.

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Innovative OBN processing for high-quality 4D seismic imaging in a North Sea setting

First Break, November, 2020
Ivan Gregory | Zsofia Dobo | Richard Jupp | James Sinden | Peter McDonnell | Andrew J.S Wilson
©2020 EAGE

In this article, a NoR repeat survey over the Golden Eagle field in the North Sea, with a challenging sub-BCU target, provides the opportunity to explore how more cost-effective, denser node acquisitions can deliver on the promise of quality 3D and 4D images. We focus on improvements achieved in the pre-processing of 3D and 4D seismic signals and demonstrate how a fully 4D-focused approach can optimise the processing sequence, reducing the turnaround from acquisition to interpretable time-lapse products. Finally, this dense NoR survey allows us to look at the question of OBN receiver spacing and just what is ‘dense enough’?

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Gabon: Staying ahead of the herd in the ultra-deep waters

Geo Expro, October, 2020
Jake Berryman | Gregor Duval
©2020 GeoPublishing Ltd

This study aims to demonstrate how seismic data, combined with geological and rock physics studies, can provide a low-cost, powerful tool for the explorationist to reduce the uncertainty on source rock presence in unexplored areas.

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Theory-guided data science-based reservoir prediction of a North Sea oil field

The Leading Edge, October, 2020
Jon Downton | Olivia Collet | Dan Hampson | Tanya Colwell
©2020 SEG

Data science-based methods, such as supervised neural networks, provide powerful techniques to predict reservoir properties from seismic and well data without the aid of a theoretical model. In these supervised learning approaches, the seismic to rock property relationship is learned from the data. One of the major factors limiting the success of these methods is whether there exists enough labelled data, sampled over the expected geology, to train the neural network adequately. To overcome these issues, this paper explores hybrid theory-guided data science (TGDS)-based methods.

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Chasing plays along the Rona Ridge

Geo Expro, September, 2020
Matthew Dack
©2020 GeoPublishing Ltd

An article summarizing CGG's recent Multi-Client seismic acquisition in the West of Shetland. Article covers the exploration history, key petroleum systems, geological challenges for seismic imaging and interpretation and identification of exploration opportunities within the data.

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