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Advanced imaging solutions for tailored multi-source and multi-vessel surveys

First Break, November, 2019
Gordon Poole | Vetle Vinje | Ewa Kaszycka | Thomas Elboth | Risto Siliqi | Anne Camerer | Hari Krishna | Erling Frantzen | Thomas Mensch
©2019 EAGE

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Exploring the Last Frontier: Offshore South Gabon

Geo Expro, October, 2019
Jake Berryman | Gregor Duval
©2019 GeoPublishing Ltd

A desktop study using the recently acquired 2D seismic data on the prospectivity over the oceanic crust, in ultra-deep water Gabon.

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Integrated sedimentological and seismic reservoir characterization studies as inputs into a Lower Cretaceous reservoir geomodel, offshore Abu Dhabi

First Break, October, 2019
Michael Harrison | Shraddha Chatterjee | William Mills | Nathaly Vargas | Subhrankar Paul | Pierre Roy | Ferran Pacheco | Kiyotaka Ishinaga | Shunsuke Ishii
©2019 EAGE

This paper presents a detailed and integrated methodology and case study for building a 3D geological model to characterize a Lower Cretaceous reservoir for a field located offshore Abu Dhabi.

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The shape of things to come — Development and testing of a new marine vibrator source

The Leading Edge, September, 2019
Benoit Teyssandier | John Sallas
©2019 SEG

Ten years ago, CGG launched a project to develop a new concept of marine vibrator (MV) technology. We present our work, concluding with the successful acquisition of a seismic image using an ocean-bottom-node 2D survey

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The Zambezi Delta Basin: A Complex Puzzle with Missing Pieces

Geo Expro, September, 2019
Javier Martin | Madhurima Bhattacharya | Marianne Parsons
©2019 GeoPublishing Ltd

Exploration on the African continent has traditionally been concentrated in prolific basins on the Sub-Saharan Western margin, in detriment to the East. Proven prolific basins, existing infrastructure, favourable and progressively transparent regulation; along with the analysis of prospective conjugate basins of Brazil are just some of the reasons for creating a positive environment for international investors. A report submitted in 2012 by the USGS, predicts undiscovered mean gas resources of more than 370 TCFG in offshore East Africa, including Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar and Seychelles. World-class gas discoveries have been made between 2010 and 2013 in the offshore regions of Tanzania and Mozambique, along with onshore discoveries in Uganda and Kenya thus reinvigorating exploration interest along the Eastern African margin. The Zambezi channel, offshore Mozambique, has traditionally been the locus of intense academic research, with a number of 2D seismic and gravimetric and magnetic acquisition campaigns deployed in recent years. However, the region still remains poorly understood. With this in mind, in 2017 CGG acquired a high-resolution 3D seismic survey located in the outer Zambezi Delta Basin, west of the Beira High. This seismic survey, in conjunction with newly acquired high-resolution shipborne grav/mag survey and access to data from multiple wells in the area, aims to bring a new and fresh dimension on the geological understanding of the basin.

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