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Driving the future of seismic exploration

Oilfield Technology, June, 2020
Risto Siliqi
©2020 Palladian Publications Ltd

Risto Siliqi, CGG, France, explains how the largest multi-client ocean bottom node survey in the UK Central North Sea will deliver unprecedented seismic data quality to identify remaining reservoir potential.

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New Broadband Imaging Reveals Prospectivity Insights

Geo Expro, June, 2020
Jarrad Grahame | Pedro Martinez Duran
©2020 GeoPublishing Ltd

New high-quality seismic datasets and regional prospectivity study brings greater understanding of the distribution and extent of resource plays throughout the Banda Arc.

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Advanced reprocessing of legacy seismic data offshore Peru

Hart's E & P, May, 2020
Eloi Carola | Shona Culwick | David Spofforth | Jordan Walker | David Culwick | Lee Corbin | Johnny Rebaza | Leonardo Ramirez
©2020 Hart Energy

Paper designed to focus on new technology - our specific focus is on the use of modern processing sequences applied to 2D legacy data in Peru (GeoSpec). There are links drawn from previous geological study of the area.

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An integrated geoscience workflow to improve unconventional play assessment – an example from the SCOOP/STACK, Oklahoma

First Break, May, 2020
Adriana Perez | Graham Spence | Paola Fonseca | Inna Tsybulkina | Vincent Durussel
©2020 EAGE

This article highlights some important outcomes from an integrated study in the Anadarko Basin. Newly generated data is presented and discussed across the study area. The main aspects discussed here focus on 1) basin evolution, which has played an important role in source maturity and hydrocarbon generation. 2) Source rock characterization, including source rock properties and quantification of the hydrocarbon content performed with a newly developed pyrolysis method and 3) reservoir characterization based on the integration of regional information and data generated from seismic reservoir characterization. These aspects are discussed to assess their implications on hydrocarbon distribution within unconventional resources from Woodford and Mississippian section. In the last section of this article, we propose a play assessment workflow that could be applied to address uncertainties associated with these plays. This workflow comprises 1) a regional or basin-scale evaluation based on 3D petroleum system modelling (3D PSM) and 2) a more detailed evaluation based on the integration of seismic reservoir characterization into petroleum systems modeling on a local scale.

 Download (PDF, 6.8MB)

Greater Johan Castberg area, Barents Sea: Outstanding near-offset coverage and long-offset FWI

GEO, May, 2020
Vetle Vinje | Anna Rumyantseva | Gustav Aagenes Ersdal | Marit Stokke Bauck | Silje Rogne | Idar Kjorlaug
©2020 GeoPublishing AS

CGG, together with TGS, recently acquired a multi-client TopSeis™ 3D seismic survey in the Barents Sea. The survey, known as “Greater Castberg” was acquired and imaged using the latest advances from CGG's proprietary TopSeis solution. The latest advances include a wide distribution of five sources over the spread together with one source in front of the spread. An early fast-track dataset shows outstanding imaging of the Greater Castberg area’s highly diverse and complex geology. An advanced fast-track volume will be ready for licensing in May and the final dataset will be available in Q1 2021.

 Download (PDF, 1.2MB)