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Sophie Zurquiyah

CGG CEO, Sophie Zurquiyah

(image courtesy of CGG). 

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Philippe Salle

CGG Chairman, Philippe Salle 

(image courtesy of CGG).

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CGG Sercel tn

Sercel offers a full range of innovative and reliable seismic systems and reservoir monitoring instruments (image courtesy of Sercel).

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CGG Multi-Physics tn

HELITEM helicopter-based Time Domain Electromagnetic (TDEM) system in flight (image courtesy of CGG).


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CGG Subsurface Imaging tn

Subsurface Imaging
Industry-leading subsurface imaging technology brings clarity and detail to Central North Sea geology (image courtesy of CGG).

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CGG Multi Client Data tn

Multi-Client Data
3D visualization of an interpreted horizon (Base of Salt) from the Santos Basin, Brazil (image courtesy of CGG).

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CGG GeoConsulting tn

Geology & Reservoir
Geoscientists examining mineralogical and textural data of core using an electron-microscope (image courtesy of CGG). 

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CGG GeoSoftware tn

Jason technology supports critical decisions for geoscientists and engineers to optimize well productivity, field development, and reservoir management. (image courtesy of CGG GeoSoftware).

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CGG Data Management tn

Data Management
PleXus is a new-generation platform designed to support the complexities of E&P data governance and management.

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