CGGVeritas Sponsors 'Energise Your Future'

Paris, 29 October 2009

CGGVeritas is proud to sponsor Energise Your Future, a forward-looking initiative launched by the World Petroleum Council to promote a spirit of dialogue between young professionals and the oil and gas industry.

Energise Your Future Robert Brunck, Chairman & CEO of CGGVeritas, far right, discusses the theme of “Tomorrow’s leadership: Matching our Skills to the Challenges” with the 1,200-strong audience and Young Professionals Program Committee, far left, attending the third keynote plenary session of the Energise Your Future Youth Forum organized by the World Petroleum Council in Paris.
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Energise Your Future offers young people from around the world a unique platform to engage with the fast-moving energy industry and debate with its current leaders on the major issues, challenges and opportunities it will be facing in the future. Young professionals will have their say in defining the roadmap towards a truly sustainable future, while key energy sector players will be able to promote a better understanding of the sector and the attractive career opportunities and potential for personal development it has to offer.

CGGVeritas is actively committed to addressing the global challenges for current and future generations and supports initiatives such as Energise Your Future to raise awareness around the key issues at stake for improving the oil and gas industry and society both for today and tomorrow.

Robert Brunck, Chairman and CEO of CGGVeritas, said: "CGGVeritas is partnering with Energise your Future because it is an action we truly believe in. The younger generation is our future and we want to give them the opportunity to be in the driving seat to help them prepare themselves, our industry and our company for the challenges ahead.

Energise Your Future offers us all a tremendous opportunity to work together, exchange ideas, and build bonds. I am optimistic that looking at the future from different angles in a spirit of dialogue will be a tremendous source of creativity and innovation."

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