HampsonRussell 10.2 from CGG GeoSoftware Increases Accuracy and Enhances Productivity

Reservoir characterization software combines expertise with ease-of-use

Paris, France – November 29, 2016

CGG GeoSoftware has released a new version of its HampsonRussell reservoir characterization software, with new features for attribute extraction and prediction along horizontal wells, as well as upgraded geostatistical mapping capabilities. Users of HampsonRussell 10.2 will benefit from better workflows for greater productivity with new data conditioning, inversion and map prediction features.

Horizontal well analysis with MapPredictHorizontal well analysis with MapPredict brings a better understanding of the spatial distribution of reservoir properties predicted from seismic attributes.
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Key features include new data conditioning processes, residual Normal Moveout (NMO) correction, and FXY deconvolution for noise attenuation and spectral balancing. Inversion can now output relative impedances for both pre- and post-stack data and extract attributes along horizontal well paths. This new information helps mine and interpret data from derived attributes resulting in more accurate reservoir models.

The new MapPredict application is a fully integrated, easy-to-use, map-based geostatistical software that integrates well, seismic and attribute data into accurate, detailed maps. MapPredict encompasses the functionality of HampsonRussell’s former ISMap application and has evolved even further to include the ability to handle horizontal wells. MapPredict is especially suited to finding relationships between multiple seismic attribute slices and properties derived from well information such as hydrocarbon production. 

Kamal al-Yahya, Senior Vice President, CGG GeoSoftware, said: “Our release of HampsonRussell 10.2 is the latest in a series of software updates this year. GeoSoftware continues its strategy to deliver innovative reservoir characterization and advanced seismic interpretation and analysis software that offers expanded capabilities for improved productivity. With the support and input of our client users, we are able to deliver technology innovations that meet the ever evolving E&P challenges they face on a daily basis.”

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