CGG Delivers Final Pre-STM Data for Hobo Multi-Client Survey in Midland Basin

Houston, USA – February 9, 2017

CGG announced today that the final processed time volumes (Orthorhombic Kirchhoff PreSTM) from its recent Hobo 3D multi-client survey in the highly prospective Midland Basin are now available for license.

Hobo MCNV MapMap showing locations of CGG's Avalon, Tunstill, Hobo, Dixieland and Gypsy multi-client surveys in the Permian Basin.  Image courtesy of CGG.  Download the full size image.

This Howard County, Texas project delivers 342 square miles of wide-azimuth seismic data with ultra-low-frequency content down to 3Hz for optimal reservoir characterization. The seismic data is available now and will be complemented by a full reservoir optimization package that will be available in July 2017 and includes petrophysics, quantitative interpretation, RoqScan™ quantitative mineralogy, and also geochemistry and geomechanics. This package will deliver a comprehensive reservoir study of elastic rock properties, fracture information and lithological volumes that will assist with effective borehole location and completion planning.

Luc Schlumberger, EVP, Multi-Client & New Ventures, CGG, said: “Hobo builds on our high-quality 3D multi-client coverage of the Permian Basin, which already includes the Avalon, Tunstill and Dixieland surveys, and is being extended further with our ongoing new 293-square-mile Gypsy survey next to Hobo. By tying the seismic data to the geology with a full reservoir optimization package we can better support the industry in developing an understanding of where to drill to get the best from the Spraberry and Wolfcamp formations.”

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Multi-Client Data - Hobo and Gypsy

Hobo and Gypsy

The latest additions to our West Texas complex, Hobo and Gypsy complement the advanced Avalon data. Both surveys will also include the state-of-the-art Reservoir Optimization Package
Multi-Client Data - Avalon


282 square miles of 400-fold 3D data in the prolific Delaware Basin play in West Texas

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