CGG GeoSoftware Supports Geoscience Training with Renewal of HampsonRussell Software Donation to Portugal’s CERENA/IST University

Paris, France – March 28, 2019

GeoSoftware, part of CGG’s Geoscience Division, has renewed the donation of its HampsonRussell seismic reservoir characterization software to CERENA/Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) University in Lisbon, Portugal.

CERENA, a research center of IST, supports IST’s MSc course in Petroleum Engineering with teaching and research in areas relating to oil and gas exploration and production, including the characterization of petroleum reservoirs. CGG’s software technology is already an integral part of the Petroleum Engineering MSc course and related research programs.
MSc and PhD students at the university use the software to learn and develop reservoir characterization techniques on real-world data and conduct further research into seismic inversion. At the same time, they gain valuable skills for their future careers with prospective industry employers.

CERENA UniversityCERENA/IST students develop their reservoir characterization skills with HampsonRussell software (image courtesy of CERENA/IST).
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Leonardo Azevedo, Professor in the Civil Engineering, Architecture and Georesources Department, CERENA/IST, said, “CERENA/IST is grateful to CGG GeoSoftware for its renewal of HampsonRussell after its initial donation in 2014. Through this type of fruitful collaboration, students from our MSc and PhD programs benefit enormously from access to industry-leading software and geoscience workflows. By training them to use these tools, they develop the skills they need to better understand and overcome the geological challenges facing the oil and gas industry.”

Kamal al-Yahya, Senior Vice President, Geoscience Software, CGG, said: “We are delighted to continue supporting the education of promising young talents at CERENA/IST, currently the only Portuguese university to benefit from CGG’s global University Donation Program. We share a strong commitment to technical excellence and innovation and have been impressed by the proactive role CERENA/IST is taking in preparing the next generation of geoscientists for their future careers in our industry.”

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