CGG Celebrates 40th Anniversary of OMV Dedicated Center

Paris, France – September 11, 2019

CGG recently marked the 40th anniversary of the dedicated center it has continuously operated for OMV since August 1979. Located in OMV’s Vienna head office, it is the longest-running of CGG’s 11 client-dedicated centers operated worldwide. Late last year OMV renewed the center’s contract for a further three years to continue benefiting from in-house access to CGG’s geoscience service excellence.

The highly collaborative relationship between CGG and OMV has over the decades grown into a strong strategic partnership based on mutual trust and a shared ambition to better image and understand OMV’s acreage which now extends worldwide. During that time, the center’s seismic data processing capabilities have been completely transformed by CGG’s continuous advances in geophysical technology and the exponential increase in computer processing power. In 2014, the center’s subsurface imaging scope widened to include reservoir characterization services.

Peter Whiting, SVP Geoscience EAME, CGG, said: “Our Vienna dedicated center sets the standard in terms of a fruitful technical collaboration and we are delighted to mark this milestone with OMV. It is a privilege to have enjoyed their confidence for such a long time and we look forward to our geoscientists continuing to deliver innovative solutions that successfully support OMV’s business strategy well into the future.

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