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Anisotropic Inversion Jason-exclusive software that estimates anisotropy magnitude and direction from a set of azimuth-based AVO inversions.
Attribute Estimation Jason Workbench attribute computations in one, centralized interface.
AVO Comprehensive HampsonRussell module for prestack data conditioning, attribute computation and analysis. 
AVO Fluid Inversion (AFI)  HampsonRussell module that estimates uncertainty in the fluid predictions from AVO.


BandaSeis Multi-Client BroadSeis 2D survey in the Banda Arc, Indonesia and Timor Leste
BasinMap  Satellite imagery-based geological mapping and interpretation products  
BroadSeis™ Broadband marine seismic.


Carabao  2D BroadSeis multi-client survey offshore Philippines 
Constellation   23,753km² reprocessing of multi-client Cluster and Cluster Extension surveys in the Santos Basin, Brazil. 
Cornerstone  35,000km² 3D broadband PSDM in Central North Sea.

Davros 11,000km² BroadSource survey off NW Australia. 
Deghosting  Broadband processing toolbox to remove source and receiver ghosts in marine seismic.
Depth Inversion Jason product that provides complete reservoir characterization analysis in depth without the need to replicate large depth-migrated data sets in time.
DepthMod Jason Workbench functionality for calibrating velocity models and converting time data (inversions) to depth, which ties well tops.
Dighem High-resolution helicopter frequency-domain EM.


EarthModel® Geological modeling software for dynamic reservoir models and connects to flow simulation.
EarthModelBuilder Flexible geological modeling software that generates accurate, realistic multiple first-pass reservoir models.
Emerge Geostatistical attribute prediction software from HampsonRussell
Encontrado  38,000 km² integrated geoscience program over the Perdido fold belt in the Gulf of Mexico
Environment-Plus / E-Plus® Combines key Jason Workbench tools for structural and quantitative interpretation workflows.


Facies & Fluids Probabilities (FFP) Interactive Jason interpretation software tool for determining lithofacies
FaciesID Fast, interactive, user-friendly well log facies classification from PowerLog.
Falcon Airborne Gravity Gradiometer (AGG) family of services. 
FaultFractureSpark InsightEarth's advanced automated Fault extraction and Fracture interpretation software.


Gabon South Basin  25,000km²  broadband multi-client survey and integrated geoscience program. 
Galaxy   Grid extracted from Cluster/Cluster Extension surveys to provide a regional evaluation of pre-salt in the Santos Basin 
GeoSI HampsonRussell geostatistical inversion that generates fine scale stochastic models.
GeoSim® Coupled reservoir & geomechanical simulation.
Geotools Magneto-telluric interpretation software.
Geovation Benchmark seismic data processing and imaging software.
Global Offshore Seeps Satellite database of natural hydrocarbon seeps.
Ghost Wavefield Elimination (GWE) Ghost Wavefield Elimination broadband marine seismic deghosting.


HampsonRussell Intuitive geophysical interpretation software for reservoir characterization from GeoSoftware. 
Helitem High-power time-domain helicopter EM.
Hobo  West Texas multi-client survey featuring Reservoir Optimization Package integrated geoscience products 
Horda  BroadSeis-BroadSource dataset in Northern Viking Graben, offshore Norway, and part of a fully-integrated geoscience program. 


Ignition Data and visualization management tool for InsightEarth advanced seismic interpretation software.
IME  Interbed Multiple Elimination techniques.
InSAR Satellite surface deformation monitoring.
InsightEarth® Advanced 3D interpretation suite from GeoSoftware.
InverTracePlus® Jason Constrained Sparse Spike Inversion.

Jason®  Advanced reservoir characterization seismic-to-simulation workflows from GeoSoftware.
JumpStart   Integrated multi-client geoscience programs including seismic, wells, interpretation and geology. 

Largo Jason well log data analysis, rock physics modeling and seismic analysis for quantitative seismic reservoir characterization.
LCT  Potential field interpretation software.
LithoSI HampsonRussell software that quantifies uncertainty in seismic lithology and fluid prediction.


Megabar   Over 12,000km² BroadSeis 3D multi-client survey in the Barreirinhas Basin in the equatorial margin of northern Brazil 
MapPredict (ISMap) HampsonRussell's map-based geostatistical tool for integrating well and seismic attribute data into detailed maps.
Model-Based Water-Layer Demultiple (MWD) Model-based Water-Layer Demultiple.
Mozambique  Up to 40,000 km² new multi-client seismic data 


Northern Viking Graben   35,000km2 BroadSeis-BroadSource dataset and associated fully-integrated geoscience program 


Oklahoma  Three multi-client surveys in Oklahoma targeting the Anadarko Basin 
Orthorhombic PSDM Orthorhombic depth imaging.


PaleoSpark  Fast and accurate stratigraphic interpretation tool from InsightEarth that transforms the structural domain seismic into the stratal domain. 
PleXus™  Management tool and portal for enterprise data management.
Porcupine Basin   5,700km 3D survey offshore western Ireland 
Powder River  Multi-Client survey and integrated geoscience project in Wyoming.
PowerLog®  Benchmark petrophysical interpretation package for petrophysics, rock physics, facies analysis and statistical mineralogy.
PowerLog® Frac™  PowerLog with a module to create properly formatted elastic rock properties and fluid parameters used in fracture simulation software.  
Pro4D Provides a collection of tools to analyze and interpret time-lapse seismic datasets within HampsonRussell Software.
ProAZ Seismic gather azimuthal anisotropy analysis software from HampsonRussell for characterizing unconventional and naturally fractured reservoirs. 
ProMC HampsonRussell application that allows consistent interpretation of multicomponent data.

Q-PSDM Imaging through absorption anomalies.

Red Books Robertson multi-client geological reports.
RFWI   Full wave form inversion velocity model building which incorporates reflected arrivals 
Resolve High-resolution airborne EM.
Robertson Analogues Database of reservoir analogues.
Robertson Basins & Plays Play fairway and petroleum systems database.
Robertson Predictions A unique combination of palaeogeography, palaeo-Earth systems and predictive models.
Robertson Studies A library of over 500 geological studies covering virtually every hydrocarbon basin in the world.
RockFrame 3D interpretation for seismic-to-simulator workflows within Jason’s quantitative reservoir analysis tools. 
RockMC Deterministic and Geostatistical simultaneous inversion of P-S converted wave data in Jason RockTrace and RockMod projects.
RockMod®  Jason advanced geostatistical inversion for highly detailed predictive reservoir models.
ResPack   Reservoir Package of integrated geoscience products for unconventional resource development  
RockSI™ HampsonRussell rock physics modeling tool for exploring the link between rock properties and seismic data for quantitative interpretation. 
RockTrace Jason AVO/AVA simultaneous pre-stack inversion.
RoqScan™  Field-portable quantitative and automated mineralogy.
Reverse Time Migration (RTM) Reverse Time Migration.


SaltSpark InsightEarth application that quickly and accurately defines the salt sediment boundary, or the boundaries of other complex geo-bodies.
Seep Explorer   Global offshore and onshore hydrocarbon seeps database 
SRME Surface-Related Multiple Attenuation.
StagSeis Market-leading marine full-azimuth sub-salt imaging solution.
StatMin PowerLog module that generates high quality models of reservoirs with mineral complexity, particularly useful for unconventional shale reservoirs.
StatMod® Jason post-stack geostatistical inversion for highly detailed and predictive reservoir models.
Strata HampsonRussell product that performs both post-stack and pre-stack inversion using various methods.
Surface Geochemistry Analysis of hydrocarbon seep samples.
SWANA Surface wave attenuation.
SWD Shallow Water Demultiple.


Tempest   Fixed wing time domain electromagnetic (TDEM) survey technique 
TerrainExplorer Satellite imagery and elevation data products.
TomoML Unique global multi-layer tomography
TopSeis   Source-over-spread shallow marine acquisition solution 
TOR  Tilted orthorhombic anisotropic velocity models.
TTI  Tilted anisotropic velocity models.

VelPro  Comprehensive and flexible post-stack velocity modeling that integrates with seismic and well velocity information. 


WellTie Provides a highly visual and interactive environment for creating, refining and QC'ing wavelets for Jason inversions.
WellPath Unique well path planning optimization algorithms within InsightEarth advanced interpretation software.