Building Angola’s Geoscience Capacity

Case Study

SD Angola Graduation The first students, mentored by CGG geophysicists, to have successfully graduated in June 2013


CGG is dedicated to foster the economic and social development of the communities it operates within. Our ability to train and recruit local young professionals is critical to strengthen CGG’s performance.


In the emerging countries where CGG conducts Subsurface Imaging, the Group faces difficulties to recruit local young professionals, due to a lack of detailed and hands-on geoscience graduation programs offered by local universities.

This includes Angola, where CGG started operating in 1999 and currently operates a seismic imaging center as well as various seismic onshore and offshore surveys. In this country, a national plan for the development of managers (Plano nacional de formação de quadros, 2013-2020) is currently in place.


In most emerging countries, software donations are accompanied by logistical support, equipment donation and, whenever possible, mentoring by CGG.

In 2012, CGG initiate a partnership with the Faculty of Sciences of University Agostinho Neto (UAN) in Luanda, Angola. CGG began by refurbishing two rooms in the Geology Faculty and providing all the IT equipment students needed to train on the Hampson-Russell reservoir characterization software, for which a license was donated to the University. CGG also trained a group of four professors to the software and a number of its geoscientists volunteered to mentor graduates and post-graduates, helping to fill an important gap for the geoscience students.

The aim of what is called the “Centro de Geociências CGG-UAN” is to foster geoscience abilities within Angola’s future managers and reinforce links with the Angolan oil industry.


From 2012-14, CGG mentored twelve students, nine of whom graduated successfully.

The Center’s next challenge is to find other companies willing to get involved, particularly to provide students with data that will allow them to work on real-case reservoir characterization projects. The excellent results achieved in Angola are inspiring our project managers to replicate the model in other African countries with other geoscience universities and partner companies.

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