Community Relations on Land Seismic Crews in Thailand

Case Study

SD CRMP Thailand meeting Meeting with local villagers in Thailand, as part of a CGG Community Relations Management Plan


Develop and maintain harmonious relations with local communities where CGG works. Ensure that these communities understand CGG’s presence, its contribution to their development, and receive fair compensation if applicable.


Since 2004 CGG has operated several land acquisition crews each year in Thailand, mainly in rural agricultural areas, where no proper land registers are available. Our relations with the populations living in these areas as we cross their land are key to effectively manage a seismic project. In order to minimize our impact on farms and to access difficult areas, we use small dynamite charges buried in drilled shot holes as a seismic source. As we lay out these source lines and our geophone receivers, several thousands land owners are identified and compensated individually in case their lands or crops (rice, sugar cane, cassava, etc.) are damaged.


A team of 30 community liaison officers works on a fulltime basis to ensure a harmonious two-way communication with local community representatives throughout the duration of the seismic projects. Before crew mobilization, the team plays a strong social role to integrate CGG’s seismic activities into the local community landscape. They identify the main stakeholders (government representatives, local authorities, village chiefs, etc.) located in the survey area. They interact with them in a totally transparent way, answer their questions and inform them about the compensation process in place. They collaborate with village chiefs to interact with landowners, providing them with information at each survey stage, from drilling to compensation payments and a final Thank You meeting. They also address questions and complaints that are reported.

Additionally, CGG is particularly committed to contributing to the local development of the communities where we work. We prefer to hire workforce and source goods and services locally and we often implement specific community projects.


CGG conducted six land seismic projects in Thailand in 2013 and two in 2014. More than 9,500 public meetings with local communities were organized in total.

On behalf of our clients, around 37,000 landowners were compensated individually for a total of more than US$2.42 million.

Ninety-eight per cent of the workforce on CGG operations in Thailand is Thai. An equivalent of US$11 million (in 2013) and US$9.4 million (in 2014) of goods and services were purchased locally. Additionally, various sustainable development projects were launched. They will continue to benefit local communities in the long term. The Thai personnel responsible for permitting and liaising with local community representatives are exemplary ambassadors of CGG’s corporate values.

SD CRMP donation panneaux

Ceremony marking the donation of traffic signs to a school to encourage
the students to comply with the traffic rules and regulation

SD CRMP Thailand donation pompe

Ceremony marking the donation of a new water filter system to a school

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