Pernanbuco Fishing Communities Capacity Building Plan

Case Study

SD fisherman brazil Fisherman in Pernambuco


Ensure a proper representation of the population potentially affected by marine surveys so as to compensate them fairly for the lost fishing activity.

Even with the best planning, marine surveys sometimes coincide with the prime activities of local fishing communities. Local community leaders and political groups usually look forward to influencing the consultation and compensation process, and local election campaigns can intensify the debates.


The Pernambuco Seismic Survey imaged 2,720 km² of subsurface. Conducted at more than 21 kilometers from the coast, it still coincided with small-scale fishing activities along the 200-meter isopleth. These artisanal fisheries provide the main source of subsistence and income for the population living along the coast. 


CGG and the Brazilian Environmental Ministry IBAMA set up a process resulting in the designation of priority community projects.

Representatives from each of the nine concerned communities joined the workgroup. A series of meetings involving fishermen and their representatives as well as CGG and IBAMA representatives were organized. All discussed together the communities’ needs and validated projects valued by them as having the most potential.

As CGG Brazil is headquartered far away from the affected area, in Rio de Janeiro, a local community liaison officer was hired to maintain direct contact with the fishing communities and the workgroup. 


The implementation phase began shortly after the last representatives election meeting. Training on sustainable fishing techniques, boat maintenance, first aid, and safety was provided to Carmo local fishermen and their families in 2013. Eleven different themes were addressed with an average of twenty-two participants per training session. The renovation work on the fishermen association headquarters in Tamandaré was completed in March 2014. Similarly, renovation projects for the headquarters of the Itamaracá and Cabo de Santo Agostinho fishermen associations as well as the project to rehabilitate a fish market in Paulista were delivered to the local communities in early 2015.

SD Santa Ag

Renovation of the headquarters of the Cabo de Santo Agostinho fishermen association

SD Carmo

A training session provided to Carmo local fishermen

SD Itamaraca

Renovation of the headquarters of the Itamaracá fishermen association

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